Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Whiskey and the 3 Sisters

Yes, this is another Loonie Blooms wall hanging that I’m working on.  I know . . . the last one was a while ago, but we’re dusting off the pattern and offering it as a conference workshop on April 6th and 7th at the

Manitoba Prairie Quilter’s 30th Anniversary Conference.

You can get your free pattern for Loonie Blooms by clicking on the image in the right hand column, but we would love for you to join us in piecing together the entire project.  Please check out the link above.


I’ve made this version out of some leftovers from the Astor Manor collection by 3 Sisters.  This was a line that I purchased a while back and realized that it would work perfectly for all of the projects that we are offering as workshops at the conference.


And just as I was thinking that I really liked the colors in this line of fabric, I happened to notice this little monkey rolling around at her afternoon snooze station . . . notice the quilt behind her . . . yup, another 3 Sister’s line.  I can’t remember which line it was now, but same colors and I think even the same print here and there.


Of course the little monkey didn’t seem to take notice of the quilt . . .


. . . as she tied herself into a tight little knot . . .


. . . and went back to sleep. 


Sheila and I are also teaching the All Cooped Up pattern and . . .


the Pickin’ Up Stiks pattern.  Both are ready to baste and then start quilting them - that will be my month of March taken up probably.


Whiskey did eventually decide that being in a knot was not the most comfortable position to be in, and decided that . . .


she really needed to stretch out her neck to get the kinks out.

She does look pretty darn good with the 3 Sisters, don’t you think?


Jennifer said...

Whiskey would look gorgeous with anything - she has grown into a beautiful cat! Very pretty quilts you have there......

Tina said...

The quilt is gorgeous and Whiskey is the most breathtaking kitty I have ever seen! Just beautiful!!