Saturday, 11 January 2014

Alaska – August 2013

Now it’s time to flash back to August 16th to 23rd, 2013 . . .

Earlier in the year my Dad confessed that it would be his “dream vacation” to go on a cruise to Alaska, but was concerned that he would never be able to go by himself.  I told him that that was no excuse . . . if there was somewhere in the world that he wanted to see, then he should do it before it was too late and just became a regret.


So on August 16th here we were, my Dad, my husband and myself, boarding a plane in Winnipeg and flying to Vancouver.  This was a first for me as I had never had the opportunity to fly before and it was quite a number of years since either my Dad or husband had flown as well.  Dad had the window seat for his BIG holiday and it was beautiful and clear all of the way to Vancouver.


Our trip was booked through CAA and the Amsterdam-Holland America Line was our cruise ship.  Every detail of the trip was efficiently organized and there was never a misstep – we were met at the airport and ushered onto a bus that toured us through the city streets and to our destination to board the ship.  An amazing lunch was prepared and waiting for us and our lounge chairs were all set up on our own personal verandah!


Look at that smile!!!  I think it says it all – this was the vacation he had been hoping for and it was certainly a thrill and honor to be part of his trip.


It sure would have been easy to become a “foodie” photographer on this trip.  What an amazing list of offerings they had in each and every dining room/restaurant on board the ship . . . definitely something for everyone.

DSC00049 DSC00053

I found a quilt shop in Juneau, Alaska (I bought this kit to make a memory quilt for Dad – gorgeous fabrics!) . . .



. . . another one in Skagway, Alaska . . .

DSC00168DSC00098 DSC00099

. . . and another one in Ketchikan.  The Silver Thimble had two shops on the same floor – one was an Alaska themed shop with all Alaskan patterns and themed fabrics and the other had what I’ll call “regular” fabrics in stock.

In addition to being “allowed” to visit all the quilt shops on our vacation, we all took part in a few excursions – a wildlife sightseeing tour on board a large enclosed boat (weather was not cooperative for that one – but was very interesting anyway :0)); a train trip through some fabulous country and also a stop at Liarsville where we were educated on a few interesting things about Alaska (brothels!!!) as well as an opportunity to pan for some gold.

Dad at Liarsville copy

Here is Dad again, grinning like a Cheshire cat, with the ladies he just met from the “brothel”.  What an amazing job these gals did with their storytelling!!!


It goes without saying that the scenery would be amazing . . .


. . . breathtaking . . .


. . . awe inspiring . . .


. . . gorgeous . . .


. . . calming . . .


and so very hard to leave behind.

Dad’s Christmas present was a 12x12 hard cover book with all of these pictures and so many more.  It has yet to be put in the bookcase . . . he’s constantly taking it and showing it to people.  I know it really was a trip of a lifetime for him, and I’m so thrilled that my husband and I were able to be there with him.  What a fantastic vacation!

"Never put off  till tomorrow what you can do today".

Thomas Jefferson.


Wendy said...

Wow. You took some gorgeous photos. What camera did you use? I've been to the shops in Juneau and Skagway. Need to locate the one in Ketchican the next time we go.

Jennifer said...

Wow, your pictures took me back to our trip.....isn't it great? Your Dad certainly enjoyed himself. I fell in love with Alaska and would love to return - and I visited those quilt shops too.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

My in-laws and hubby and I went on an Alaskan Cruise (same line) a few years ago and it is a trip you will never forget. Glad your dad enjoyed it too.

Rose Marie said...

Thanks for the memories! We went by ferry up and down the coast and just simply hopped on and off and stayed as long as we wanted in each stop. I wasn't into quilting back then and didn't search out quilt stores. If we ever go back ..... perhaps one day.