Friday, 19 June 2009

I'm late, I'm late . . .

. . . but really it's never too late to report on a good time. Is it?
Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday a group of seven quilters got together to work on a variety of unfinished projects. This was what we will called a "practice" retreat because the way we set it up was that we all headed home to our own beds each night. I think the whole weekend cost about $21.00 each - not including my mileage of course and the little bits of food donations from everyone. The facility was wonderful - lots of light, lots of room, exceptionally clean (I think we might have left some threads behind!) and the kitchen/eating areas were perfect.

Mae had this little kit given to her and she whipped this up on Sunday morning. She also completed a number of paper-pieced projects that she had on the go.

Karen made a ton of 1/2 square triangles and then started laying them out - I heard her mention something about hidden blocks in the layout . . . I think I see a couple of pinwheel-type blocks in there.

Marg worked on sewing the binding on this quilt ALL weekend - it is huge! It is a raffle or donation quilt I believe - sounded like there was quite a number of ladies involved with the making of it.

Sheila is making a quilt/duvet cover for her granddaughter and the fabrics are pretty eye-poppin'. I love the stripes, dots and checks all mixed together and of course the colors are fantastic. There's lots more to do on this one - applique is the next step after all the blocks are prepared.

This is a quilt that Sheila finished up from one of the workshops we took a couple of months back. I worked on mine as well but was busy taking photos of all the other projects I forgot to take one of mine.

Gail was working on some dazzling paper-pieced pattern and I think the finished quilt will be outstanding - I hope to see it finished by the time we schedule another retreat.

Joan was our official "bag lady" and this was the first one she made over the weekend - I think it is gorgeous! Love the black and white.

I was asked to prepare a few demos for the weekend and this was one of those - a little camera case made using this pattern - Here. Sure beats the camera knocking around in the bottom of my purse without a cover! I think this turned out great. The only change I made to this pattern was that I wanted to demonstrate how to make a covered button and of course I didn't want a huge buttonhole on my pretty little camera case, so it is just decoration. There is a small snap sewn to the inside to hold it closed.

A little zippered pouch - made using this Here pattern. Freaked out a couple of gals when they saw the zipper . . . but really it is soooooooooooo simple to do - give it a try, it doesn't take very long. The only change I made to this pattern was that I wanted mine to be quilted so that it had more substance to it. Just cut four of the required size rectangles and sandwich some Warm & Natural between two pieces and channel quilt using a 3/8" or whatever foot you have in your stash. The rest of the instructions are the same as written.

. . . and - a little wool hat pincushion made from the June 2005 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting or by clicking Here. There were no changes made to this pattern when I did the demo - a very quick and satisfying little gift idea or for you to keep on your sewing table.
We had such a great time that we've already chosen another date in the Fall and plan on meeting on a regular monthly basis as well. Can't wait!
'til next time,



Karen said...

When I was a young girl, we used to stop in the Planter's Peanut store that was downtown. Oh, it smelled so good to go in thee. Always came out with a bag of hot roasted peanuts!

Myra said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time M! Great photos and projects! Hopefully you will have more interest in your Fall retreat. Keep me informed... You should consider the Carberry retreat in March... 8-)

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Love all the pics of the projects! I
for one would run for the hills (LOL, as if in southern MB) as soon as you said the word 'zipper'.

Myra said...

Ha! I have been here before!!! Jeez... sometimes the old mind doesn't remember squat... :-/