Saturday, 6 June 2009

Vacation - Final

There's nothing prettier than a Spring wedding!

Wedding flowers are "to-die-for" and just beg to be photographed. The colors were fantastic, as was the whole wedding.

Some little people feel that weddings are just down right boring and should be viewed from a variety of different angles. Kaden is the bride's son and some day this photo will no doubt come back to haunt him in a big way.

The wedding was held in a little church that has received "Heritage status" . . . such a tiny, well maintained building that also included the attached reception hall. How convenient for everyone - there was no travelling to this part of the city and then another . . . everything was held in the church, in the reception hall or on the grounds - it was perfect. The photo shows one of the views through the church window . . . I loved all the views from everywhere while we were in Kelowna.

As we started our trek home we stopped in to visit a friend of mine who had moved out to Creston last year. Syd and her husband have settled right into their new lifestyle and we were treated to homemade pizza with asparagus and mushrooms. And speaking of views . . . I believe the most beautiful view I saw on the whole trip was from Syd's front yard looking towards the mountains . . . I think I was so awestruck I forgot to even get my camera out! It was an absolutely beautiful, unhindered vista that was absolutely amazing. (Syd - if you're reading this - step outside and take a picture for me!).

The Cotton Tree Quilt Shop has a shop in both Cranbrook and Fernie, but the Cranbrook shop wasn't open when we left town, so it was the Fernie shop that saw my smiling face.

Lots and lots of fabric, patterns and little packages of fabric to see.

Lots of Moda fabric just laying about . . . didn't they know that there was still lots of room in my trunk?

As I headed to the counter to pay for my selections, the gal looks at me and says "Oh, I forgot to tell you that all fabric is 25% off today." Well that sent my day into a tail spin . . . couldn't she have told me sooner??!!?

So with much restraint I limited myself to a few fat quarters (for a new project I thought of) and a layer cake. By this point in the trip I was starting to watch my VISA climbing quite dramatically . . . so restraint was definitely in order.

Next stop was at the Frank Slide site - very fitting I suppose as it was one of the most miserable days of the trip I think . . . rain, snow, and lots and lots of wind. But I did manage to get a few pictures of this site where such devastation happened so many years ago.

Can you imagine the whole side of a mountain coming crashing down on top of a town and burying it? So many lives were lost . . . it must have been difficult for what remained of the town to pick up and rebuild their lives . . . but that is what they did and the town has been resurrected to the West of this site.

One more quilt shop stop - The Fabric Addict in Lethbridge, Alberta.

All I can say is WOW!!! If you're ever looking for a particular fabric or pattern, make sure you contact these ladies. There was so much stock that once again I was overwhelmed, but any questions I had about specific lines they knew whether they had it, used to have it or never had it. This was once amazing shop and I spent way longer than I should have in there just because there was so much to see.

I even found the fabric that I could only find online in New Hampshire . . . these gals had it! So remember to bookmark this little shop and if you need something give them a call. They were telling me, as I was paying for my goodies, that they will be moving into another shop later this year that will be twice the size of what they currently have. So they will be able to spread out and provide even more selection!

I found two charm packs that I was looking for . . . seemed like a small purchase but I was a happy camper and these two little packets happily joined my other loot in the back seat.

The mountains were getting further and further away by the time we hit Pincher Creek where all the wind turbines are located. They were strategically placed on every available ridge there was and taking full advantage of the very windy day.

After the mountain scenery, these little hills were really anti-climatic . . . actually kinda boring.

And then we hit Moose Jaw, and you know you're in Saskatchewan when the scenery becomes a very, very flat landscape. The afternoon was spent in Weyburn with my Dad and step-mom and then we gladly walked through our own door to a couple of very happy gals. Two weeks of having various babysitters popping in and out of their lives was more than they could take.

It's so great to be home . . . now I can settle in to getting some of my projects back on the work table . . . maybe even finish a few between lots of kitty-hugs.
'til next time,


Karen said...

What was better. The fabric shops or the scenery?

Anne said...

Thanks for a fun virtual vacation. What a great "shop hop" you got to go on. Loved all the pictures.

Myra said...

What awesome photos M! I haven't seen the mountains in years! Those hills with the Bison is not too shabby either, especially when you are sick of the prairies! lol! 8-)

Looks like you found some really great quilt shops! Love that Sunflower wall-quilt in that one shop! I can imagine all the wonderful goodies you brought home with you... 8-)

How was your little retreat? I hope it was a success for you all...

Happy stitchings!

Myra said...

I am patient waiting to see photos from your retreat there M... 8-)