Thursday, 17 September 2009

Evening Stroll

Since I didn't have any photos in yesterday's post, I thought it was only fair to get a few in for today.


Actually I felt kinda guilty that I had a whole post without a single photo in it, so I took the camera outside last night and wandered around. I actually thought maybe it was too late to be taking any photos, but snapped away at a few interesting things. The little pathway lights had already come on and cast some very interesting shadows and detail.


Look at the background in this one . . . I can't decide whether I want to focus on the background or on the details.


Seems like everything has some kind of berry on it right now, and I couldn't resist getting a shot of these two snuggle berries.

OK! Next time I'll have something quilt related . . . I promise!

'til next time,



paulette said...

LOVED the photos!! Incredible lighting!

Annette said...

breathtaking pictures!

Myra said...

Good shots M! 8-)