Friday, 27 November 2009

Road Trip and MORE fabric . . .


Had a wonderful time on a road trip last Saturday with one of my quilting side-kicks, Gail . . . we headed over to Plumas, Manitoba to find a quilt shop.  This was a first for me as I’ve never been over in this part of Manitoba before and I certainly saw some new things.

It turned out that on the highway to Plumas there are some Amish folks from Ontario that had settled in and homesteaded a few years back.  I love their beautiful homes and the barns are wonderful to see – after so many of our heritage farm buildings being destroyed from lack of use, it is fantastic to see these buildings erected and used.  DSC04527There certainly can be something said for the simpler things in life .  .  . although I’m not sure how long I could go without my beautiful sewing machine, but this really is a way of life to be admired.  I guess I would need to learn how to operate my new machine that I got back in October.

DSC04523 Now this is a treasure of a quilt shop . . . all tucked away where you would least expect to find it – but well worth the trip!  Kickass Quilt Shop is also an on-line quilt shop and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, make sure you send them an email detailing what it is . . . they will most certainly try and find it for you!  Wonderful selection and exceptional service!


I purchased some Christmas fat quarters and that new fangled bias tape maker that you can insert the fusible strips into at the same time – can’t wait to give this a try . . . PLUS . . . 14 fat quarters of Figgy Pudding by Basic Grey – I’ve had my eye on these prints for a while now . . . next year’s Christmas project, maybe?


I know it looks goofy right now, but this is what is currently on the design wall . . . where it will end I’m not really sure just yet.  Lots of brain matter being used up here – can you tell?  How about the three different border ideas up there?  Since the picture was taken there has been another option added . . . we’ll see where that goes!!!


My November fat quarter collection arrived a couple of days ago and I have it all pressed and ready to drool over . . . Old Primrose Inn by Blackbird Designs is chock full of all the best old fashioned warmth I love.

When I set this pretty little pile of fabric on all the previous little piles of fabric, I had a moment of being just a little lot overwhelmed by everything I need to do and everything that I want to do.

I got over it . . .


. . . when I unwrapped this little treasure!


How many things can you do with 2 1/2” squares?

Admire . . . flip and peek . . . drool . . . caress them . . . imagine projects to use them in . . . or just plain old set them up on the shelf and stand back and drool some more . . . excuse me but I need to go collect myself now . . .

‘til next time,



Jennifer said...

Kickass Country Store......what a great name!

paulette said...

I don't blame you....they are just too cute to cut!! Put them on the self so that you can peek into the little window...make sure you tell them how cute they are....I need a box of those little guys....

Stina said...

Love the Amish houses... one of my dreams to mak e a trip and see some more..:o)
Have fun playing on the designwall.. it looks fantastic...
How cute arent those little bundles of squares... so so cute!!! :o)

Vals Quilting said...

I LOVE what's on your design wall, adorable


cool store! Also congratulations on winning the dyed fabric!