Thursday, 12 November 2009

Three days off!

Ah . . . doing what I want to be doing . . . priceless!DSC04500

Got really upset with a certain little honey bun staring at me though – so I bust it up! 


I’ve now started my two millionth new project and I’m having a blast. 


There’s even a new ironing board cover for this newest breakout . . . even matched the colors pretty close.  Just kidding - this ironing board cover has been in it’s package UNDER the ironing board for about three weeks now, but once I saw the colors burst forth from the honey bun, I just knew it was time to also break out the new cover. 


So what do you think of my newest colors?  Not really me again, right?  I’m trying to be a frugal quilter and trying new things when I see them come on sale.  This honey bun is from Basic Grey for Moda and is called Sultry.  I think the thing that made me curious about this line of fabric was the use of brown and pink together and I’m really liking the fun little shapes and color placements of this new design.

DSC04503Things have certainly brightened up in my sewing room and so far I’m finding that I’m liking it all . . . these bright colors and my newest obsession – white!  Lookin’ good, so far.  DSC04505And here is my little November Bunny Hill project – I love everything except the bird’s hat . . . I tried a pink color but it just blended in with the berries in the basket print – I’m now thinking that maybe we need a little yellow chapeau for that blackbird.  Change is good – right?  

‘til next time,



call me crazy said...

What a pretty honey bun! And your Bunny Hill is cute! ~LOL I was thinking about a beret. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Perhaps the blackbird needs a flower on his/her hat? The pretty colours certainly cheer up your sewing room!

Vals Quilting said...

I think you should keep the white hat but add a colourful bow or ribbon to it

What Comes Next? said...

That Sultry is really bright and cheery - perfect for these grey fall days, and your Tisket block is really cute - I'm with the others - a flower or a ribbon on the hat would finish it off nicely.

Myra said...

Wonderful colors/prints in your honey bun M! You are always on the go with something aren't you!?! 8-)

Those Bunny Hill BOM blocks are all too darn cute! Hoping to tackle them one day soon... 8-)

Looking forward to tomorrow! 8-)

TexasRed said...

These colors and prints are so much fun! Enjoy your 3 days off.

Stina said...

Three days off...what a bliss... and you seem to have fun in your sewing room.. looks soooo pretty!!! :o)