Thursday, 18 March 2010

Princess and the Pea

I should have snuck a little pea under this stack to see if the Princess would really have noticed!


Still not any sewing going on here . . . lots of meetings this week (which are sooooooooooo draining) and trying to get the cat hair off each and every quilt in this stack.  Mysty hasn’t been on every quilt in the stack but there always seems to be tons of loose threads or fuzzes of some kind or other that migrate to quilts.

Quite a good chunk of this stack is going to a nearby arts center for a one month display and I need to get them ready to travel.

It’s also getting to be tax time here in Manitoba, so I’ve been busy pulling out receipts and trying to make sense of all this paperwork.  BUT I’m hoping that this weekend I can get back to my machine and also finish writing one of my patterns that I drafted last weekend on my trip.

I’ve also had a chance to pop over to The Pattern Basket  . . . Margot has some wonderful new designs just coming out.  I love the fresh, crisp prints that she is using . . . very Springy!  Pop over and have a drool!

Have a great Friday . . .


Joyce said...

Where will your quilts be hanging? I'd like to see them.

Candace said...

Aw, what a cute baby! You didn't dare disturb her, right?