Saturday, 22 May 2010

Fabric, Sewing and Sun Tanning

Rural Jardin has finally arrived in my sewing room . . . it seems like it’s been such a long wait.
The project I had planned for this line has long since been started with something else and now I’m at a loss . . . what will I make with these lovely reds, creams and blues?  Once again Moda keeps bringing on these beautiful collections and keeps us quilters pondering and imagining all kinds of creative projects.  What are you using Rural Jardin for?  I’d love to see your ideas!
The Undercover Strippers met last week and this is the project I’m working on . . . I’m so excited and pleased with the colors that I’ve chosen and I’ve been pottering away every morning before work and doing a little bit of sewing here and there – and there’s still lots to do on this one as well as all of those PhD’s sitting over there in the right hand column.
My books arrived this week . . . they are gorgeous!  I’ve had these pre-ordered since February or March and they are all I hoped for and a little more.  Although when the book says that the quilts are from 5” and 10” squares it really means A LOT of 5” or 10” squares – you need at least two charm packs or two layer cakes and I usually only buy one of anything – guess I need to go shopping again!  Although these beautiful quilts can also be made with stash fabrics and would be just as lovely I’m sure.  Great techniques and lots of inspiration between these covers.
I picked up another book last weekend at a Flea Market which I believe was printed in 1996 or thereabouts – beautiful photography and a few nice quilts and layouts to inspire something new . . . also some recipes to consider (if I ever make my way to the kitchen!)  - $4.50 on this piece of inspiration.
Now for everyone who made it this far through the post just waiting to see a picture of me sun tanning – gottcha!
This is my little bug friend that I found AFTER the picture was taken . . . I didn’t see him up there until I started going through my photos – I like this one and I’m thinking I’ll get it printed and framed for my “green bathtub” bathroom wall.  It’s always nice to have photos with something just a little different – that element of surprise is kinda neat.
Oh and make sure and pop by tomorrow – I’ve got the neatest thing to show you!


Peg said...

Isn't it neat to get more inspiration - great find on that flea market book BTW. Can't wait to see what you do with all your new fabric and ideas!

call me crazy said...

Great post! Love the new fabrics~ anything in Carrie's books would look fantastic in them! And the little bug is cute too. :-)

Myra said...

Great post M! Lovely fabrics, another intriguing project, and wonderful books! Yummy! 8-)
Great nature shot too!