Monday, 17 May 2010

Nesting, Rainbows and Loopty Loops

I’ve been gone for so long that everyone must think that I’ve been away nesting or something.


But really I’ve only been discovering little nests laying about in my garden.  I wish I could say that my garden is now in tip-top shape and there isn’t a single weed out there, but that would be a humungous lie . . . there has been no time!  I’m missing out and falling way behind on my blog reading and I’m way behind on all of my quilting projects – AGAIN!


Some of us are keeping up on our zzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s but others are falling way behind . . . hard to get a good day’s work in when those sleeping hours are so short.  Need to get a few good nights in and get back on track around here.


I’ve also been trying to chase some rainbows and these ones were  almost close enough to catch . . . if you look closely to the upper right in the photo you can see part of the second rainbow that was forming (or the reflection of the first?).  I love having my camera handy for moments like these!


I’m not sure the last time I’ve seen a rainbow where you could look through it like this . . . the ones I usually see have the pot of gold behind tree lines – not in front.  Still didn’t see the pot of gold though.


The rest of my missing-in-action time has been spent doodlin’ around on this quilt trying to get it done for the PhD deadline that is looming.


I’m hoping that’s the end of June and not the beginning or I may be in deep trouble!      


Myra said...

Pity there are no eggs/birdies in your nest there... Isn't nesting supposed to happen in the Fall? 8-)

Snoozing kitty has it right! Sleep is something that seems short for me too... I should curl up with my fur-girls on the couch mid-afternoon...

Wonderful rainbows, and lots of time for finishing up PhDs M! You have until the end of June... 8-)

Busy with my girl's wedding quilts here!

Happy stitchings to you!

Joanne said...

Good luck with everything!
Summers in Manitoba are so short - it is not the time to be sitting at the computer! Lots of time for that the rest of the year. ♥

Edna said...

I've still got a long ways to go to meet my PhD goal too and even the END of June will be here before we know it!

I'm interested in buying one of your patterns but didn't see any info on how or where to order it or the price.