Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A Short Stroll Down . . .

Academy Road!


This is one of my favorite streets in Winnipeg . . . there’s a little bit of this and that for shops – always worth a little bit of a stroll.


I remember a few years ago when I was taking an entrepreneur workshop that the owner of this shop gave a short talk . . . not sure if she is still there today or whether it’s been sold to someone else since.  She gave a wonderful talk on starting her business and some of her retail experiences.


There’s lots of outdoor furniture, gardening supplies, candles, and other outdoor living accessories.  Always worth a little look – my backyard would never look like some of these displays though – it would take me hours to carry it all out and get it set up just right and by the time I was done, it would be time to take everything back inside and find a place to store it.  It’s always fun to look and dream though! 


There is even a small sewing centre located on Academy Road where I found a few fat 1/4’s to add to my stash.  I’ve always seen the signs, but it is such a tricky little spot to get at, and we always seemed to be in a rush to go somewhere else, that we just never stopped.


The shop is called Carellan Sewing and they are moving off of Academy Road on September 1st  over to Corydon in the 1600 block.  I think it’s going to be easier to get at and they assure me that they will be carrying more quilting cottons – yippee!


I’m starting on my Christmas gift sewing list and this is the first of at least three.  I love this layout of Nancy Halvorsen’s – this is going to make a great wall hanging!  Look at all the different prints a person can use from their stash . . . time to do some widdling down :)


Also getting started on the latest Bunny Hill Snowbound block – machine appliquéing the two projects at the same time cuts down on the number of times I have to change thread colors – black’s done, moving on to blue . . .

How’s your week going?  Getting lots done?


joan said...

Oh I love your blocks and I was just thinking yesterday I must get my list of Christmas projects done.You inspired me!!!!Thanks for sharing your walk in Winnepeg...

Myra said...

Love that NH pattern!!! Good to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, sorta speak, with regards to thread changes... 8-)

Barb, at Carellan, is one of our city group members. We sometimes get together in her shop on our group night if the community club isn't unavailable to us... I'm excited to see what the new shop will be like, and yes, it will be much easier to access. Not as busy a street... 8-)

Happy Christmas stitchings to you!

Sinta Renee said...

I just found your blog! Great look! Fun stuff... gorgeous patterns too!!!

Heather said...

Isn't a change just so good for the soul?! Love the new look of your blog, love your blocks and loved reading this post... but then again, I always love visiting your blog. Hugs.

Donna said...

Love that NH wall hanging! Could you identify what book it's in or the exact pattern name? I must make one for ME!