Sunday, 15 August 2010

Summer Vacation

   I’ve been gone – just here and there – a little south of here and a little east of here.

Last weekend hubby and I headed to Minot, North Dakota to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary and to see some country that neither of us have seen for well over 25+ years.


Of course one of the first stops was at the Prairie Rose Quilt Shop where there was such a vast array of quilting cottons that I never even thought to pull out my camera until we were driving away.  There was everything from Whimsicals to Moda 3 Sisters and patterns and books everywhere.  This is the kind of shop that I will need to go back to without hubby in tow.


I really had no “shopping list” for fabric, so I was just winging it.  I fell in love with this package of 3 Sisters prints and the green floral and the green check were “just because”.  The bundle of white Kona cotton I found at Hobby Lobby for 30% off and you can never have enough white cotton!

Those were the two stores that everyone told me that I needed to stop and see and since we were on a limited time allotted to “my” shopping, I think I did not too bad.  It was VERY hot and humid when we were there and it didn’t seem fair to drag someone around to these kind of shops when he really didn’t want to.  Don’t get me wrong – there was no complaining – just the occasional eye roll.


We hit for the Zoo on Saturday morning before it got too hot outside.  Mall shopping is not one of our favorite things to do so we look for alternatives and one of those is strolling through zoos.  Every advertisement I saw indicated that there would be giraffes there and sure enough . . .



I found my giraffe!  I don’t know how many zoos we’ve been to and there was never a giraffe.  I love these animals . . . they are amazing.


Don’t you just love the giraffe door?  This female really didn’t want to be outside and she kept heading over to the door – must have been on one of her “off” days.



Penguins are another favorite of mine.  How come every time they do a statue or an advertisement using a penguin they always make them look way bigger than they really are?  These guys had a beautiful pool to bathe in for the day – what a way to keep cool.


I just had to include this Aussie-type photo – the gal that I work with is from Australia and I thought this one would either make her miss home or be glad she’s not there in the heat.  I’m not sure whether she would think the mosquitoes in Canada are more irritating or the kangaroos in Australia – I’m thinking it’s probably the mosquitoes – don’t you?

Have a great week,

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Peg said...

What a nice day off - zoos are so amazing! Great little store - sounds like a perfect place for a visit!