Sunday, 31 October 2010

It's Been Busy . . .

. . . way too busy!

As many of you already know, I work for a municipality which includes the wonderful job of tax collection.  This always falls with a deadline of October 31st and is one of the busiest days of the year.

This year, because of the weather I think, the whole past week has been extremely busy.  So I must apologize for being MIA for quite some time!

This little lady is another reason.  Two weeks ago she showed up at our house and decided she really liked it here.  We tried to ignore her, and not feed her (that's a really hard thing to do!) . . . . and she still wouldn't leave. 

She is the friendliest, purriest, happy little kittie that we've seen in quite some time . . . unfortunately it was the wrong time and place for a new pet in our lives.

I put up posters at the office and asked everyone who came in - "Do you need a cat?"  I have now heard just about every cat story that is out there . . . everyone has a cat tale to tell!

Eventually someone did say that they would take her as a farm cat and she was delivered yesterday afternoon to the farm.  Not my first choice of homes, by any means, but an absolute necessity for our life.  So if you live in the Brandon area and would like to save her from "the farm" please send me an email . . . I'm convinced that she would make an amazing house cat and would dote on all the attention you could give her - then maybe my daughter would quit crying!

Remember these two old girls - the one of the left is 18 and the one of the right is 19?  Not very accepting of anything new in their yard and territory - just a little crotchety in their old age - but aren't we all?!?!  Things haven't been running too smoothly for the past two weeks on our home front!  Today is the first day of peace that we've had . . . these two can once again go out and sun tan and monitor the yard perimeters without fear of meeting someone new.  Ah . . . peace!!

Last week I won a giveaway!  Just when I thought I would never win anything again . . . I get the email announcing that my name had been drawn.   Myra and Cori over at Blue Meadow Designs recently held their Fall retreat and had a couple of goodie bags left over and they generously put them up as a giveaway on their blog.  Look at all these great quilting items . . . three charms packs, a sketch book (I can't wait to play in this!), crayons, a Spring 2010 stash (that will be great with my EQ7 which has so far hardly even been used), and a 2008 issue of Quilt Sampler - it doesn't matter what year is on these magazines . . . I constantly refer to them for so many different reasons! and a couple of really nice labels that will come in very handy.  I love my goodie bag and would like to dive into it right away to start something new, but it is unfortunately a ways down the list right now . . . other things are stuck at the forefront right now.

Unfortunately it is not this lovely stack of "Bliss" that arrived earlier in the month.  It is all pressed and sitting on my sewing table looking so adorable . . . but not touchable at this point in time.  Look at that white thread stuck on that beautiful red fabric . . . doesn't that just make you want to come and clean my sewing room?  Those little things drive me nuts - lucky I can ignore the big things though!!!!

Today is birthday day once again for me - another year gone by and another one to eagerly look forward to!  I can't wait to see everything that another 365 days bring - I hope it's all creative and colorful and really, really fantastically fun!  Happy Halloween everyone - I hope you're having a great day too.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday.
Hope you have a chance to slow down a bit and to enjoy your celebrations!

Bluzbrod said...

Happy birthday, and many more, all very happy ones! What a beautiful kitty that came to visit, wish I lived closer. And the two oldsters look just like a kitty we had years ago. She came up to our back porch and when my DH came home from work, he said, "We're not going to keep her, are we?" But we did, and she lived to be 20. Must be the breed!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday- but I have to ask why do you seem to think that being a "farm" cat is such a bad thing? I have 4 farm cats and trust me they are probably better cared for and happier than any of their suburbian cousins. They have a fantastic barn - they don't have to mouse although they have plenty of opportunity. They can snuggle up in the hay barn if it's cool or come into the mudroom of the farmhouse if it's too cold or wet for them. They love to roam around the barn and outbuildings - they rule the dogs and horses and cows. I just can't believe that people think that barn animals live such a horrid life - or infer it anyways. You should see how they live before you decide to slam farm living.

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday! Winning the giveaway was a lucky present, wasn't it. I don't think the kitty will have a hard life, she is very appealing and will worm her way into the heart of whoever gives her a home.

Peg said...

Happy birthday - hope that all your wishes for the coming year come true. Blessings, Peg

Pam P said...

Hello Marlene - Happy (Belated) Birthday! What fun to share your Birthday with Halloween! My Mom would be so jealous ~ she wishes she'd have been born on that date :) It's okay that you couldn't keep that cat . . . you already have two and it's good to set limits. We need to take care of the pets that we already have. Trust me, I know!! We have an 11 year old "puppy", an 18 month old cat and two 7 month old kittens (the shelter says they were bonded sisters). That's enough for us :) Take Care!
Pam / Chicago