Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Weekend Sewing . . .

One of the groups that I belong to got together on Saturday to take a workshop from Shirley from Shirley's Sewing Room.  Shirley made the trek to Brandon to teach the twelve of us this wonderful circular quilt. 

There was a homework sheet that we all received ahead of time so that we would have all of our strips cut and sewn together in the proper order.  Thank goodness we did that because that was probably the most time consuming part - although with just doing a few every morning and evening seemed to go pretty quick for me.  I couldn't imagine doing that for a whole or part of a day - it would get pretty tedious!

I can't remember who's very organized pile of fabric this was but it shows that some organization skills are certainly a good thing for getting this quilt put together properly.

Here is part of mine laid out and you can see that the swirl is starting to form.  Still not too keen on my color selections, but one thing I've learned about quilting is to never give up - keep going until the quilting is done and it just may turn into something spectacular.  The original plan for these colors was to make a tree skirt, but I'm a little concerned that the pink in there might be throwing things off.  We'll see.

Oh, by the way, this pattern actually creates the cuttings for a second quilt.  Not only did I create one more UFO for my sewing room, I've created two!!!  There is a whole other pile of sewn strips sitting off to the side that will be used for another smaller quilt or tree skirt . . . I better get used to the colors soon.

The Peace by Piece group that I belong to has started another monthly block group - each member will take turns every month to bring the directions for one log cabin variation block and by June or maybe it's next December (I don't keep track of these things!), we'll have enough blocks to make a quilt.  These are the two so far and I think they are coming along quite nice - I'm using a fabric line from Kansas Troubles and it's looking kinda cozy so far.  I also want to intersperse the log cabin blocks with a few Sunbonnet Sue/Sam blocks in the same prints - at least that is the plan so far.  These little blocks work up very quickly and are a nice break from some of the other sewing that is going on right now.

 We decided that it was time to get started on some Christmas decorating outdoors and purchased two little trees that came in these planters.  Unfortunately the planters were more orange than red and of course we have a red front door.

So after a few coats of paint with the door color I am reasonably satisfied that these are not orange anymore but have a red/orange glow.  I'm hoping they will look good in the snow once it arrives . . . later this week???

Have a great week everyone.


Myra said...

What a great workshop project Marlene!!! Love it! 8-)

Great BOM your group is doing too! Love the first 2 blocks!!!

My group is also doing a BOM, but we bring in our blocks, our names go into a hat, and a winner is picked to take home all of blocks... I am making 2 blocks each time, to giving one to the group, and to save one for a sampler quilt for myself.. 8-)

Enjoy this lovely weather we are having!!! Unreal hey!?! 8-)

Lounging with a Latte said...

That quilt is amazing, I can imagine it would be tedious working out the order of the fabrics etc. I really like your colour choices. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Well done.

Jennifer said...

Wait until your circle quilt is finished, the colours might grow on you the more you work with it. Interesting colours others have chosen too! Love your little houses.

Annette said...

Wow, what a great project. I love your colors and can't wait to see it all finished. It will be so amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love the circle quilt and the colors you chose. But even more love for the log cabin BOM birdhouse block.Where can I find the pattern? Would love to make it!