Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Bad, Bad Blogger

I’ve lost it!

My motivation, my zest, my get-up-and-go – everything . . . got up and went!!!  


I think it was the municipal – stupid- convention . . . it just sucks the enthusiasm out of life and then there’s nothing.

No incentive, no desire, no wanna-get-it-dones – just nothing.

Sure I’ve started a few things . . .


worked on a couple of old things that still need to be finished before the 24th.

Plan on starting something new again tomorrow . . . just to try and rejuvenate some enthusiasm – maybe.


I’ve been to a Saturday quilting day – a couple of weeks ago . . . love what Karen has been working on.

Makes me almost want to go and make some HST – almost.

Here’s hoping for a great weekend – I hope you get to do everything that you were wishing for.

I WILL be back on Monday with a giveaway that ties in with some baking that I did a while back.

Stay tuned . . .

1 comment:

Myra said...

Oh M! I know exactly how that feels where everything just gets up and goes... I've been experiencing that since the weddings pretty much, but lately I've been on a roll once again, just haven't gotten caught up on everyone's blogs, but I've been trying...
Here's hoping you find your mojo this weekend!!! 8-)