Saturday, 23 April 2011

Moving forward . . .


I found this wonderful bread recipe over at Crazy Mom Quilts and let me just say – YUM!  I made the recipe (with a couple of changes – honey instead of sugar and added whole wheat flour instead of all white) and once the dough cycle on the bread machine was complete I opened the lid to a HUGE ball of dough.  I figured that this was just way too much for one loaf pan so ended up making two smaller loaves – this works great if you’re trying to watch what you eat – smaller slices are still so very, very satisfying.

So these little loaves of bread of seen me through many a lunch lately while we’ve been dealing with this . . .


lots, and lots of water and damages.  Many areas that are closer to the big rivers and streams are just getting ready to hit their crest starting today and running through until the 28th.


All of the damage in my municipality was caused from lots of snow and a quick melt.  After many early morning meetings and a couple of late nights, we feel that we are now in pretty good shape as far as the road repairs being done.  We’ll cross our fingers that we don’t get anymore really fast melts (there is still some snow out there) or lots of rain – both would cause our problems to start again.

We are now at the stage of watching our surrounding neighboring municipalities and towns to see how they make out with the overflowing rivers.  The next week will tell the tale.

So, now on to more fun stuff . . .

Yes, I know . . . I’m supposed to be working on PhD’s but once again I’ve been sidetracked . . . but only three times . . .


This black and white quilt is for my brother - who I have never made a quilt for -  it is made from the scraps from making my niece a graduation quilt . . .


Kayleen told me a coupe of years ago that her favorite colors were black, white and red, so ever since I’ve been picking up fat quarters of these colors from some of my many shopping excursions.  I found one with horses and horse shoes on it and I found one with ants all over it.  I figure that if you like horses you should be used to ants also – and besides . . . they are really cute ants!


I also started on another “can’t tell” project.  Wonder what all those little stacks are going to be used for?  Sure are a lot.  Love this Buggy Barn fabric – Harvest Moon – should look great with a few crows thrown in there somewhere.

I am also still working on the binding for two of the PhDs and have completed three more of the PhD quilt tops and they are now ready to baste and quilt – oh, and add in the graduation quilt and my brother’s quilt and that makes five that need to be quilted.  Just need some of these flood waters and road washouts to get fixed up – oh, and I need to reduce the number of meetings we’ve been having at work . . . very time-consuming and draining!


This is a pattern that the “Undercover Strippers” group is looking at doing as a BOM starting in the Fall.  I love that moose!  Can’t wait to start this one . . . I will find time . . . I know I will. 


Myra said...

That bread looks absolutely scrumptious Marlene! Yum!!

Been wondering how the water is affecting you all down your way... Not good at all... 8-(

Love the quilt tops! What a lucky brother and niece!

That BOM that you group will be doing is wonderful!! What is the name of the pattern??

Happy Easter to you! 8-)

Dolores said...

The quilts are wonderful. What is the name of the pattern for the moose one? I would love to make it for my daughter and her hubby who just had a little baby boy. They live in the interior of BC.