Sunday, 10 April 2011

Who Knew?

I was clicking through my feedjit stats and noticed that someone had connected to my blog through  this link: 

50 Best Quilting Blogs

and of course it didn’t sound at all familiar to me so I had to go and check it out.

This is what I found:

Wedding ring pattern quilt with quilting tools

“Quilting is a time-honored tradition.  The intricate designs, precise stitches, and beautiful color work have been admired for generations.  If you love quilting, or want to learn how to make your own pieces, look no further.  We’ve scoured the web and gathered the top 50 quilting blogs for you.  We’ve stitched together blogs that offer tips, how-to posts, and showcases of quilting’s best -- everything you need to create gorgeous quilts.”


Scanning down the list of all too familiar quilt blogs that I visit on a regular basis my heart did a little flip when I got to #38.  OMG – there was my blog listing!

I know that there are lots of voting/calculating/polling of various quilt blogs that I’m not (and never will be) listed on, but this made my Sunday.

Thank you to the powers that be that reviewed my blog and decided it was worthy of being included.  I promise I’ll try and not be MIA for two weeks anymore . . . somehow I don’t think that is an acceptable practice for being part of a review.

Off to do some more quilting . . .


Ann Marie said...

WOO HOO for you!!!

greelyrita said...

Cool for you to be on the top quilting sites list. I read through it and you may be the one and only Canadian quilter listed. How does it feel to represent the country? Bet you never would have predicted that this would happen. Congrats!!

Jennifer said... cool is that!

suz said...

How lovely. I just looked at the list and you're in great company - and well deserved!

Myra said...

Well that is just awesome M!!! Wonderful! 8-)