Monday, 7 November 2011

So . . .

I’m told it is now time to move on . . . it’s been a week . . . a birthday is a birthday . . . get over it!!!


It may take some time though to get over the state I’ve currently found myself in . . . although it still looks like I’m smiling!!!  Must be the Bud Smile

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This may be some old news for some, and some new news for others.  This is the Fall Issue of  A Needle Pulling Thread and two of my quilts are in there.  Actually it is the same quilt . . . sorta . . . one is a smaller version of the bigger one.

This red and brown quilt is called “The Crows Have Flipped” and as you can see – there is the flipped crow!


The pattern (for either version) uses 12 fat quarters and some background yardage and every quilt looks different because of the fabric choices – you’ll see more of that in my next post.

Shadow's Cross & The Crows Have Flipped - Marlene Biles

Here is another photo of the quilts in the magazine.  The teal and pink version is called “Shadows Cross” as it was the last quilt that Shadow, my 18 year old Tortoiseshell, helped me work on before she died.  The yo-yos form a cross across the entire quilt.


Here is my Halloween version using the Trick or Treat line by Deb Strain.  I’ve changed the borders on this one because the background yardage ended up being less than it was supposed to be.  The pattern calls for a zig-zag border as you can see in the first photograph – I like both.  My husband says there are too many bats but I’m arguing that usually you don’t see them all at once anyway and this way it doesn’t matter how I fold it, everyone will see a bat.


My quilter (Terry Whitman, Estevan, Saskatchewan) once again did an amazing job on all of the quilts . . . love the spiders and the webs that she’s done on this version.


I’m also in the process of finishing the quilting on the fourth version of this same pattern and I hope to be able to show that to you in the next couple of weeks.  It looks completely different than these three as well.

We are hoping that we’ll have this pattern available to purchase as a PDF download sometime in the New Year. I’ll keep you posted.


The reason I’ve been keeping quiet on the magazine and the quilts is because this is also the pattern that we used for the Super Sleuth Soiree workshop that we held on Saturday, October 29th.  Take a gander at that mouth watering menu!

The “we” I keep mentioning is my cohort in crime – Sheila M. and the two of us make up “As The Crow Flies Quilting Workshops” which explains our little crow references here and there.  We’ve been having a blast planning and delivering workshops for local quilters with the help of Val T. and Sheryl S.

I have lots and lots of pictures of the workshop and they will be in my next post – way too many pictures for today.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


Jennifer said...

I missed your birthday, I was belated best wishes! Your quilts are gorgeous and I love that Halloween quilt with the bats, such fun.

Sandy said...

I love this quilt in the Needle pulling Thread. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I would be pulling out the charm packs that I have been saving and redrafting it in EQ to fit.
Just gorgeous. I love quilters from Manitoba :)