Monday, 20 October 2008

Before, After and During . . .

This was the weekend to do some yard work - YUK!

My least favorite thing to be doing . . . the only thing the day had going for it was that it was absolutely beautiful weather.

This is the before picture . . .

And . . . the after.

The only problem is that by Sunday afternoon it looked like the before picture again. My aching arm, back and blister refuse to redo what was already done . . . at least for this year. Spring will be soon enough to catch up to the stragglers that keep falling and blowing into our yard.

Our property consists of a 100' x 200' foot lot with about 57 mostly oak trees scattered everywhere. We look around the rest of the street and most people have maybe five trees and some don't even have that many. I was doing fine until I ended up in the garden cutting back some of the taller perennials - that's when my back went on me. The aching arm and blister were from the raking though.

Quilting is so much more fun!

Shadow quite enjoyed the day outside . . . little sunshine dozes on the front step with the pumpkins was right up her alley.

Sunday was a great day to putter around and start some Halloween/Fall decorating.

I made this quilt last Halloween, but really too late to enjoy it, so this year it will be up for a few weeks. Looking around I think there is another five Halloween quilts on display . . . love this time of year.

I did get to the sewing room for a while yesterday, but most of the day was spent preparing a large stack of applique shapes. This morning I did start sewing down some of the shapes . . . that feels really good because that means I'm getting nearer to the end of this project. Time to start day-dreaming about the next one . . .

'til next time,


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MYRA said...

That is one heck of a lot of leaves! Wow! We used to have a 90'x160' lot just east of the city... Our trees weren't mature enough to leave vast amounts of leaves...
Love the photo of your cat and the pumpkins... a good one to frame... or do an applique of!!! 8-)
That witch wall-quilt is awesome!!! Love it!!! I guess it is time for me to make a Halloween quilt....
Happy stitchings, and take care of that back this week!