Friday, 10 October 2008

Teleconference Success . . .

The teleconference fiasco of last week has finally been resolved with a very well organized session this week.
Professional Quilter hosted a one hour teleclass with Gloria Hansen, author of "Digital Essentials" which is published by Electric Quilt Company. This sounds like a book for me . . . I'm always fussing over image sizes and resolutions and stuff. There was also some discussion on printing on fabric and different ink types, different scanner types and also information on how to protect our images on the internet.
Sounds like this book would be the "go to book" on the book shelf for any computer/quilt questions. I'll be putting this on my Christmas list for sure.
Jo at Vintage Lane Stitches has some wonderful projects that she is working on, including some UFO's. I love her blog layout and background . . . it is so nice! I then found out that it was designed by Annette at That's Graphic and when I stopped by her site I found a link to this really neat website that will inspire anyone who loves playing with colors. Check out ColorBlender and play around with some of the slider bars . . . could find some new color combos for your next quilt.
Annette also has some links on the right hand side of her site for anyone who is looking for that perfect font . . . I don't know about you gals but I love fonts and could spend hours looking for the perfect one. Sad thing is that I always revert back to something normal and easy to read . . . but someday I'll find the perfect one - I just know it!
Wishing everyone a happy weekend . . .
'til next time,


MYRA said...

I am so glad your Teleconference went well! Now I am very curious about this Digital Essentials book... hmmmmm? Must have a look-see. 8-)
Have a good Thanks Giving Weekend!
Happy stitchings...

Fer said...

Horray for modern technology!! ;)