Monday, 27 October 2008

Weekend Fun!

First off Myra is back with some sewing instructions for her Mystery Quilt. Anyone that is following along may already have their fabrics sewn together . . . mine will be happening tomorrow morning around 6:45 a.m. . . . I hope!

What do you think? Isn't this the cutest little pillow?

It was so easy and so quick to make - a person could kick out at least five of these in a day . . . ehm? more Christmas ideas?

This is the first time I've worked with wool and I love the dimension that each layer creates. I also love those little creamy centres . . . so bright and cheerful. Now if I can just keep the cat hair off it I'll be very happy.

Then I started working on my next project (yeah, I know, another one!). But, in my defense, it was just impossible to ignore the idea of creating a blue and cream quilt. The blue fabrics were part of the Portobello Market layer cake that I got a while back and the blues were irritating me when they were next to the greens and reds . . . so, I pulled them out and then I liked them.

Trouble is that in my great wisdom I have created the need to make 480 2" half square triangles. Where was my brain when I dreamed this up? This may take awhile . . .

I also prepared three quilt tops for quilting. This involved vacuuming the kitchen floor, laying out the backing and taping it down; smoothing on the backing and spray basting half and then the other half; and repeating for the quilt top. I started with the smallest one of the three and worked up to the big one . . . they all worked great.

My only problem now is that everywhere we walk it sounds sticky and it gets really irritating after awhile. If we don't wear slippers or socks, just bare feet, everything is fine and it doesn't feel sticky . . . just sounds that way. It's supposed to be water soluble and I washed it twice and even hand dried it thinking that would be enough - nope . . . we're still making sticky noises. I guess it will wear off in it's own good time . . .

While I was surfing around I came across Anyone Can Quilt blog and had fun looking around - go take a peek. There are some great Fall quilts and photos to see and the neatest little dog.

Have fun . . .

'til next time,



Quilter Going Bananas said...

Love the pillow! I've always wanted to work with wool, one day ....Off to check out that blog now, see ya!

Fer said...

The pillow is so sweet! I love how wool is so tactile.

MYRA said...

Great little pillow! Never tried working with wool myself...yet! 8-)
Half-Square Triangles galore!!! What were you thinking!?! LOL!!! I should talk though, my HSTs are calling to me also... After I get my boarders on my D9-P I will look at that again... ?...but then, I have a little mystery quilt that needs attention too!
I'm still waiting to see that one...You know which quilt! THAT one you were working on a pattern for, way back when... sill waiting.... hehehehe....8-)
Your email address is up! Should be no problems now! 8-)
Enjoy your day!