Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Vacation - Day 5

Ah! Our first glimpse of the mountains.

Just a little different scenery than we have here in Manitoba.

As you can see there is still lots of snow up there in those mountains. The weather wasn't very cooperative in the higher altitudes for our visit . . . saw lots of clouds, rain and snow. But that view is spectacular!

Canmore, Alberta is home to the Sugar Pine Quilt Shop which was one of the featured shops in "Quilt Sampler" magazine a few years ago.

There are lots of patterns and quilt samples with wildlife and mountain themes. Everywhere you looked there was something new and different to catch your eye.

The Christmas, Easter and Halloween sections were on permanent display . . . whatever fabric you were looking for could found if you had the time to look. I almost missed an entire section of the store because there were so many different turns and hideaways to see. I think there was only one staff member on duty when I was there and she couldn't seem to answer any questions that I had for her . . . maybe she was just filling in for someone on lunch break? Lots to see though!

I showed great restraint with my purchases . . . just two little delightful packages of fabric. No reason for them . . . "just because I was there" purchase. I had no specific project that I was shopping for, so now I will need to dream up a project for the fabrics I have purchased. I also bought a little kit that I forgot to upload the picture for, so that will be in the next post. (I have added it below . . . figured it was better to have it with the post that it belonged with. Isn't it the cutest block?!?!?! Of course in true McKenna Ryan style there is more than one block to make a quilt, but I figured this was my favorite to start with . . . you know baby steps are probably best with all that detail!)

And this is the view that you get from outside the door of the Sugar Pine Quilt Shop. How great would that be to see everyday when you get to work? Do you think they still notice the view?

'til next time,



Quilter Going Bananas said...

My dream is to make it to Sugar Pine in person one day; I've spent serious
$$$ when they've have a vendors booth

Marian said...

I used to live in Calgary and shopped at Sugar Pine all the time. When I saw the picture of the Alberta Centennial quilt I knew I had to have it, and I just finished calling them to order it. I can even shop there from Ontario!

I'm enjoying traveling with you vicariously through all the pictures of your trip Marlene. Have fun!