Friday, 29 May 2009

Vacation - Days 6 and 7

When in Banff everyone is required to pee at the Banff Springs Hotel.

Just kidding!

But you really need to stop by and have a look at the architecture and the grounds . . . very nice. And while you are there pop in and get a cappuccino-to-go and also stop by the bathrooms - they are very nice!

As you can see the clouds were hanging very low the day that we were venturing around the go-to places in the Banff area.

The sun almost broke through once . . . only once though!

The afternoon turned very cold and rainy and what better thing to do than hit all the tourist shops in downtown Banff. Didn't see this horse and carriage move once while were having lunch and up and down the street visiting the shops. Poor horse stood there for quite some time . . . of course he did receive a few sympathy pats from passersby.

This was the snowy scene on our last night in Banff . . . not exactly great sightseeing weather . . . but now I have an appreciation for winter in the mountains.

The next morning we headed out for Lake Louise and our ultimate goal of reaching Kelowna. Nothing like a little snow on the ground, toque pulled down tight and flying down the mountain highways at 100 km per hour - no that wasn't us, but these two were certainly gaining some attention from other motorists. I'm sure they had their reasons and they appeared to be enjoying themselves.

Lake Louise is another "must see" destination while in the Rockies and what better way than to see it in white. There weren't too many kids out and about at this time of year, but the ones that were there were having a blast making snowballs and chasing some of the adults around. Obviously they mustn't have been from Manitoba!

I really liked this little cabin perched on the edge of the lake with all the snow loaded on those branches - I thought it was a very nice scene with just a hint of the mountains up there in the background. Maybe that could be my retirement home . . . very pretty!

And, of course, this is the famous shot of Lake Louise. Maybe try blinking a couple of times to clear your eyes . . . no that didn't work? . . . maybe try cleaning your computer screen . . . no? that didn't work either?
Poor hubby had heard all these stories about how nice it was at Lake Louise . . . he didn't get to see it though. I offered to buy him a puzzle with the beautiful, much photographed scene laid out in all it's glory . . . but it just wouldn't have been the same as seeing it in person.

Have to go back someday I suppose.

Ah, finally . . . a quilt shop! One of my first stops after hitting the outskirts of Kelowna.

Cottage Quilting is a wonderful shop with great customer service - everyone was so friendly! Customers and staff were chatting back and forth the whole time I was there and it was so refreshing and comfortable and welcoming.

Quilt displays, fabric packages, bolts of fabrics and patterns and books were displayed throughout the store in overwhelming abundance!

I picked up two books that I have been looking for and one of the staff saw me carrying them around, grabbed me and took me off to the classroom where she quickly unrolled the quilt that she had made from the book. Everyone was SO FRIENDLY!

Not sure what hubby was doing the whole time I was in the shop, but I had great fun.

More still to come . . .

'til next time,


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Myra said...

I just got caught up on all your doings from the past week! Wow! I've been away this past week too...

Great photos from your trip Marlene, lovely little purchases, and I see you've jumped right back in to your projects with your wool... 8-)

Your May Bunny Hill block looks lovely! Love the colors you are using...

So I see I have missed you in another Winnipeg visit, but then, you were probably getting all caught up with your children anyway... 8-)

Have a good week, and happy stitchings! 8-)

Oh! By the way, did you land a new job? I may have missed that in my reads if you had posted about it...