Monday, 31 August 2009

Reading and Celebrating

I hardly ever have three books on my bedside table at one time, so this little collection is quite interesting.


 Twilight – which my daughter tells me is wonderful was brought out from the big City and deposited in the stack this weekend.

A Sobering Moment – is written by my brother-in-law and I can’t wait to dive into the pages to see what has been written.  He assures me that all characters are fictional and that any wonderfully, super talented sister-in-law that is mentioned is not me.

The Quilter’s Kitchen – was an anniversary gift from my daughter and I have already finished reading it.  Must say it was a very easy read and that some of the recipes look very appealing.  I can see this one going into the cookbook bookshelf instead of into the quilting bookshelf and will be pulled out at different times of the year.


I apologize for the darkness of this picture, but I just had to post about my mother-in-law’s birthday party.  She certainly doesn’t look 85 to me!  The whole family got together over the weekend and helped her celebrate . . . some of us were out later than others, of course!


These little pansies on the cake were too cute . . . and tasted not bad either.  I started thinking about the birthday cake weeks ago . . . what with this diet new healthy way of eating thing I have going on, I told myself that I would be allowed one piece of cake on Anna’s birthday.  I cheated and had TWO! and have had to walk a few extra miles since then.

On the quilting front there’s not too much going on.  I have finished the second Loonie Blooms wall hanging and am considering using it for a class that I will be teaching early in 2010.  I’m also trying to finish writing directions for another pattern that I’ve been working on and finalizing some machine quilting on another design.  Have any of you started a Loonie Blooms quilt?  I would love to show them off when you’re done, so make sure to send me a photo.


This fabric came last week for a project that is planned for sometime before Christmas and I’m expecting a package of fabric that I won – I WON!!! – from a wonderful fabric designer.  I’ll show you that parcel and give you all the information when it gets here . . . ideas are spinning as to what to create.  Can’t wait!

How was your weekend?

‘til next time,



Jenny said...

Ive read the Quilter's Kitchen also...definitely one for the cookbook shelf vs. quilting shelf...and I agree with your Twilight!!
fabrics look super.

Myra said...

How awesome to have a bro-in-law that is a writer, and a mother-in-law that does not at all look 85! Wow! How great is that!!! Good for her!!!
That cake looks scrumptious, so 2 pieces would be a must!!!
Lovely fabrics! 8-)