Saturday, 15 August 2009

Things that I have learned . . .

  1. I was not aware that there was a site out there that was devoted to posting about giveaways and other quilting news, but I have now found Quilting Craft Gossip and also Blog Events Dex – Giveaways.  Make sure you check out both of these sites and even set your system to follow these if you want to keep on top of what the giveaways are out there.  Really neat sites!
  2. I have found the hilarious “30 Day  Shred” lady at Pop Wahm Buzz who can describe in detail the indescribable pain that exercise can do to one that is not quite prepared for it, which I now also know first hand, but have worked through most of it (I hope!).
  3. I also found a new technique at Carl Islet Works called Japanese meshwork which looks very intriguing and I will need to do some research on.  I love the design on the pillow tops!
  4. The Quilt Shoppe is having a celebration and fabric is 25% off until the 22nd of August, plus Rachel over at p.s. i quilt is having a giveaway that is in celebration of the 2nd Anniversary for The Quilt Shoppe.  You can get lots of entries if you follow the guidelines!
  5. I am surprised and thrilled to have doubled the number of followers that visit my blog . . . WELCOME to everyone who stops by!
  6. I didn’t know how good this would feel!  Giving away something is so very satisfying . . . I just wish I had a wall hanging for everyone that stopped by.  I’ll get right to work on that tutorial/pattern thing and try and get it posted before Christmas – just kidding!  It better be before that :0)

DSC03874And just so that I have some photos on this post I will show you the Gobble Gobble package that came yesterday from The Fat Quarter Shop.


I LOVE these colors and prints!  The line is from Sandy Gervais and you can visit her blog over at Pieces From My Heart.  Now my “want-to-do” list is even longer . . . I have a Halloween/pumpkin/Fall themed quilt design bopping around in my head . . . I need more time (or focus!!).

‘til next time,



call me crazy said...

Oh I love those fabrics! :-)

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I rather like them too! I admired mine a lot when they arrived on Thurs
It's just amazing how fast a "want to
do" list grows and grows, LOL

Fiesta said...

Autumn fabrics are just my favorite.

vivi said...

It's exciting when you learn something new, and can't wait to give it a try..
by the way, before writing this, i have been reading some of the blogs you linked for us, thanks a lot!!
nice weekend.. and nice fabrics!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

It was such a joy to find your blog. Love the eye candy :-)

Myra said...

You have learned a lot there M! lol!
Thanks for all the links to check out!
I absolutely love the fabrics! Just lovely!!!
Email coming your way soon...
Happy stitchings!

Annette said...

You've chosen some very pretty fabrics. They will make an awesome project. I have never heard of Japanese meshwork before but now I am intrigued. I will have to check it out too. Thanks for the heads up.