Thursday, 20 August 2009

Slowly plodding along . . .

You know how you wake up every morning and have all these plans of things that you’re going to get done?  And then if you’re like me, by the time you get home from work you just don’t feel like doing anything.  Well I guess I shouldn’t say that I didn’t get anything done . . . it’s just not the things that I wanted to get done, I guess.  Monday night my daughter and her boyfriend stopped in to stay the night on their way home from a wedding; Tuesday night hubby had a blood donor thing so supper was really late; Wednesday night the grass was calling our name and we didn’t get to eat supper until 7:45 p.m. – not sure what tonight will bring but I will still hold on to my plans until they get completely dashed.DSC03894The fabric for Annette's wall hanging that she won showed up on Tuesday.  It is patiently waiting on my work table for the binding decision.  I couldn’t choose just one of the Patisserie prints, so I had to order three different ones so that they could audition for the binding job.  We’ll see which one Annette chooses.

DSC03891I have started on the pattern and the appliqué for the tutorial for the wall hanging, but it doesn’t look like too much of that will be happening until the weekend now.  Maybe next week I can get the tutorial posted for you gals . . . keep those fingers crossed!


I ordered some black and white wool from Cottage Quilting in Kelowna, BC so that I could make my little wool sheep for the Bunny Hill BOM July block (which is still in progress!), and I also purchased this quilt pattern designed by Primitive Pieces by Lynda.  I know it’s a little hard to see the detail, but pop over to her site and have a boo at this one and all of her other designs – I like her style and especially some of the names she gives to them.  Now I don’t usually choose individual patterns, but something about this one struck me . . . I also think I have some fabrics that will already work for it without going shopping.  So we’ll see when I can get to this “wanna-do”.DSC03898I stopped into Fabricland the other day to pick up a spool of thread (sucks to live in the Country! – sometimes) and I found these buttons on sale for 1/2 price . . . now I’m all ready for Halloween and Christmas projects – yeah, I really needed these didn’t I . . . but no one can say I’m not prepared!

How’s your week going?

‘til next time,



Robin said...

yay!!! the tutorial is coming! Hope you get to do some of the plans in your head day is always full in my head...reality is another story!

Stina said...

Looks good... I love when it is a lot of fabrics in a quilt..:o)) Good luck with the tutorial!!! :o))

What Comes Next? said...

Life does have away of changing our plans, doesn't it?? I like all three possible bindings - Annette will have a tough time!
I need to get started on my Bunny Hill BOM

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Yes life does have a way of throwing a curve every now and then. After I sprained my foot on Friday, it has been a lot of nothing going on :-( Hope you have a good rest of the week!

Karen said...

I know Lynda from Primitive pieces. Is that the first of her patterns that you have purchased?

paulette said...

I can't wait for the tutorial!! Thanks for doing that for us! We really appreciate it!

Joyce said...

You'd think being retired, I'd have nothing but time. Not so. We have had company every day for a month or more. I'll be waiting for the tutorial.

Cybele's patch said...

It is the problem for most of us that life always gets in our way. I stopped working last year and still don't get anywhere!
Ik love the fabrics you chose and I am looking forward to the tutorial.

Myra said...

Plans never go as planned! At least that is my experience. All have good intentions though... 8-)
Not that I have the choice, but I say go with the red fabric for the binding! 8-)
Good luck with the tutorial! You know they take a lot of time, but are very worth it! 8-)
Love that pattern, but I don't know about all those flying geese!!! lol!
Great buttons M!
Happy stitchings!

vivi said...

lots of drs rutine visits for me and my daughter olivia this week
and little sewing also
but next saturday is my patchwork class, and no dr will stop me then
hope you find your time too