Friday, 18 June 2010

Quilt Nights and Rainy Days

We are drenching wet here!  At 7:30 this morning we’d had 3 inches and it was still raining.


At least the tiger lilies are happy – although I’m not sure if this is a tiger lily . . . it has some different markings on it that would suggest it might be called by another name. 


At the last couple of Monday night quilt group meetings I have been taking photos but haven’t been getting them posted.  So today is the day!


Way back last September, the Peace by Piece group decided to work on a BOM garden themed quilt.  Each member had to choose a block, make two (one for themselves and one for a charity quilt) and provide copies of the pattern to each member in the group.  We have now completed twelve blocks, but it was not a requirement to use each of the blocks is we were only making a smaller version or wanted to make something different. 


These are the blocks that have been collected for the charity quilt and it will be getting put together over the Summer months and finished off when we get back together in the Fall.


I’ve only finished five of the blocks so far and I’m just getting organized to start working on the remainder – can’t wait to start in on these little birdhouses.  I decided I didn’t want my blocks to be 12x12 so mine are only 8x8 finished – not sure how these birdhouses are going to look shrunk down that much.  We’ll see!


  I took this picture almost a month ago and for the life of me I can’t remember who’s it is.  I do remember that it is hand quilted and I love the blues.  It is going to look great on someone’s bed come this Winter.

Off to the big city again this weekend, so there will be nothing going on in my sewing room.  I will be taking a quilt that needs the binding sewn on so hopefully that will be a finish for my PhD list come Monday.

Have a great weekend,


Karen said...

I really like the first quilt with the watering can. I see a second one with a watering can. Are the quilts from the same pattern?

Heather said...

Lovely! All the blocks are so cute!

Myra said...

Great garden themed blocks that the ladies came up with there M! They will make such a cheery looking charity quilt for someone!!!

The star quilt is wonderful! Lots of work there hand-quilted... 8-)

I sense another PhD will indeed be done before the end of June!!! Woohoo!