Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Busy day . . .

Keith and I spent some quality time together this morning while binding continued to be sewn down – what a way to put in some time!


Yes, today is the reveal for the PhD (Projects Half Done) challenge. 


How many out of the seven listed did I get done?  Let’s count . . . 


PhD #1 was the 2009 Bunny Hill A Tisket a Tasket BOM – Done.


PhD #3 was a “still unnamed” quilt although every time I look at it I think of Neapolitan ice cream  - weird I know!  - Done


This is PhD #2 and it is the sample quilt (excuse the wrinkle, please) that I made for “26 Petals In My Canadian Garden” pattern that was featured on the front cover of Quilter’s Connection magazine.  Done.


This version does not include the 26 petals (I can’t remember how many are on there!) and was made from the Fig Tree line called Fig & Plum from Moda.


I love the 3-D geese in this quilt and the Prairie Points – both give the quilt nice texture.  I also had fun machine quilting this one . . . my first attempt at feathers and other squirrely maneuvers – great fun.


PhD #4 is also currently unnamed and was on my design wall for quite a few months before it was pulled down into this challenge.  Sure feels good to get my design wall cleared off!  Done.


This quilt was made using fabric I had won from BJ Lantz and I did have to do some soul searching as to how I was going to use the yellow and purple together.


It has turned out wonderful and it looked so good out there on the clothes line today . . . so bright and happy – my favorite kind of quilts.


This drunkard’s path quilt (PhD #5) was a workshop that I had taken about a year and half (or more) ago.  Done.


I really enjoyed the technique that was used to make this quilt and I really liked the quilt top, but life got in the way of finishing it.


I love the colors and the style of this quilt . . . very old fashioned, bright and white.  Fabric was designed by Mary Engelbreit for Moda and I love it!


Hubby hates this one though – not sure why, other than the colors I suppose.  I can’t wait to get it on one of the spare beds . . . I think it’s going to brighten the whole room!


This is PhD #6 and has been received by my wonderful machine quilter, Terry Whitman in Estevan, Saskatchewan.  With the embroidery on this one I did not feel comfortable finishing it off by myself . . . it’s needs something more spectacular than I can give it.  I’m going to count this as a finish (I know I cheat sometimes) because other than the binding, I am done with it!


I think this is PhD #7 that is listed on Myra’s blog . . . I never did get it added to the list I have going in the right hand sidebar though.  Unfortunately it still lays here . . undone . . and ignored . . still.  I think all the pieces are done and ready to be appliquéd on – maybe I’ll keep it around ‘til next year!

Well that’s it folks . . . six months of 2010 has passed us by already!  It does feel wonderful to finally have my six PhD’s all done(5 1/2, but who’s counting!) .  I can’t say that having them completed has created any extra space in the sewing room, but it still feels pretty darn good.  Thanks Myra for the challenge!


Quilter Going Bananas said...

I love challenges and deadlines so it was good to get some quilts finished. Congrats on all your finishes!

Annette said...

Wow, some amazing finishes and so many! Congratulations, they are all beautiful.

Myra said...

Woohoo good for you M!!! You've done great!!! I bet it does feel really good having them done!!!
Thanks for making time for this post and for taking part in my challenge, and good luck with my giveaway!!!
Sorry I haven't visited much, but life is plainly nuts around here!!! I am lucky if I find time to post on my blog...
Happy stitchings!

Jennifer said...

They are all gorgeous! Although I must admit to having a soft spot for PhD No 4......

Peg said...

Fabulous quilts - and congratulations on meeting the challenge!!

Quilting Queen said...

"Good on Ya!" NOw if you're interested I have a few UFO's in need...

Myra said...

Have any of these wonderful creations made it into the pattern stage yet Marlene? 8-)