Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy, Happy New Year!!!

What a glorious day!!!

I finally feel like I have some energy and motivation to move forward.  The old flu/cold bug hit me right around the 20th of December and has had it's evil grip on my days and nights.  This is the first day that I woke up with motivation to do any sewing and I'm well underway with that.

Thanks to Myra  and the PhD Challenge I have . . .

 calculated, cut and started attaching some borders on PhD #2 . .

and made the bias strips for the Halloween #8 PhD and got all the pieces laid out and pressed where I want them.  I have even started blanket stitching the vine down!

I've also been watching Planet Patchwork's site and keeping tabs (but not participating!!!) on Merry Mayhem's New Year's Day Mystery. 

I love a good mystery and I love seeing what the ending is going to be.  Maybe you have some scraps laying around and want to join in . . . they are currently at step 3 last time I checked.

I hope everyone is having fantastic day and that you get lots accomplished on whichever project you've decided to work on.  Right now I hear my sewing machine calling out to me . . .


Karen said...

The pumpkin piece caught my eye right away. The orange rick rack style fabric is not one I would have thought to use but it works oh so well.

Myra said...

Sorry to hear you've been under the weather Marlene!!! Obviously you are well over it now, and making great progress on those PhDs! Good for you! 8-)