Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I'm A Sucker . . .

for new fabric!
Just look at this beautiful collection . . . and it's sitting on my cutting table right now.
I'm sitting here in restraints because all I want to do is dive right in and start something new.  I feel very stressed that I have too many other things on the go and this little scene will remain just a tease for quite some time yet.
I have finished the second part of the beginner quilt pattern project and we have just nicely started advertising the class.
Both of these quilts (see previous post for the other quilt) are very yummy and I'm really glad they are in my "collection" - doesn't matter how simple the pattern sometimes, it's the fabrics that make the quilt and how we feel about them afterwards.  I LOVE these ones!
This is another one that is now completely done and if there is enough interest in beginner quilt classes this would become Part Two of those lessons.  There are a lot more seams to match in this particular quilt, but once again the fabric selection is easy - just one charm pack and lots of background, with a bit of border print mixed in.
And this is the reason that I cannot cut into that wonderful stack of goodness shown above . . . this project needs completely done and in the mail by March 1st.  I'm getting close to the end of this one, but then it has to head out to the quilter . . . this is the type of quilt that I want some extra special quilting done on.  Not my usually squirrely, squiggle stuff.  Interesting colors - eh?!?!!?
And this is what greets me every morning as I drive out of my valley . . . very cold and dismal.  I believe that the morning I took this it was about the -27C with a wind chill - always perks me up in the morning!  No winter depression around here :-)

Have a great week everyone,


Kris said...

Great quilts, Marlene!! I love the colors and the variation on the nine-patch!! Kris

Karen said...

Marlene: Look at it this way - at least it's daylight when you're going to work. It's better than it was a month ago. (That is the moon, isn't it?)

And today's warmer! What more could we ask for?

kimland said...

What is it with "new" fabric?? Is it because it's the "next season" and we are always looking forward to what comes, especially Spring/Summer? Great projects, by the way!

Jennifer said...

Interesting fabrics indeed, looking forward to seeing how they make up! I'll swap you some of your snow for some of our heat, at present we are having daytime temps of 40 deg C and it's 22 deg C at night....a bit warm for sleeping.

Lounging with a Latte said...

Those quilts look fantastic. The fabrics go so well together. It's hard to believe how cold it is in your home town, we are experiencing summer with a temp of 40°C here in Australia today!!

A Plain Path said...

Beautiful fabrics and quilts!

Myra said...

Great post M! Wonderful fabrics and great quilts! I gather you are teaching classes now?! Good for you!
Have a great weekend! 8-)