Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Catchin’ Up . . .

I need to catch up with this blog thing . . . I’m falling so far behind on everything in life right now!

On January 15th, my daughter and I went to the Winnipeg Kitchen and Bath Show – a huge trade show held annually.  My daughter is a Kitchen and Bath Designer so it fit right in with what she wanted to do that weekend.


And, of course, she found out early on that Sarah Richardson from HGTV was going to be on hand, so tickets were quickly purchased for that show.


For those of you that do not know Sarah Richardson she has had numerous shows on the HGTV network and she also indicated during her show that there was a station down in the States that was going to be carrying one of her shows.  Here is her website so that you can go and check out the best paint colors to choose and for some really interesting decorating solutions http://www.sarahrichardsondesign.com/.  Her presentation was great and so was the glass of wine that we had.  Even more fun was watching some of the people in the crowd . . . wow, there are some interesting people out there!



My sewing room has been rather busy, but it is projects that I can’t show too much of.

One of these has just headed out the door to the machine quilter and the other is getting pretty close to that stage as well.  Once they are gone I can get back to concentrating on my PhD Challenge – its almost the middle of February already and I’ve only got one of the nine done so far . . . gotta keep moving . . .

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