Monday, 21 February 2011

This Is SEW Much Fun!

I've been able to get almost two quilts completed.

All of the quilting is now done and just the ends need darned in and the binding done.

Blogger and I are fighting right now - how do you use this program?!?!!?  I need to get the LiveWriter downloaded on this computer . . . it would make posting a lot more fun, let me tell you!
This picture is supposed to be rotated a quarter turn counter clockwise - so you'll just have to imagine this one.  The yellow thread I used for this background was wonderful, silky and shiny stuff that was bought at the same time as I made this quilt (which was about 5 years ago!) - there is no label left on the spool, but it was gorgeous to work with!

When it came time to quilting the borders - I was stumped.  What to do?  I came across this simple little freehand design with the loopy that carries on into making a double heart type of design which flows into another loopy.  Love it!  Unfortunately the borders are so dark that you can't see the design until you turn it over and look at the back - oh well, I'll make sure and use this pattern in another quilt.  It's always nice to learn something different than regular meandering and loopy meandering - now I have something new in my quilting toolbox.

I then meander quilted the background of my little pumpkin quilt, but really wanted to add some dimension to the actual pumpkins.  I had initially thought I would use one of my white marking pencils and then remembered this little tool that I had.  It's called a Chaco Liner by Clover and it worked really great for marking on the sewing lines.  I'll have to remember what drawer this gets put into when I'm done - very handy, and rubs right off!

And this is what they look like all quilted up.  I love those oranges and browns together.

And here is a bit closer up look at the quilting.  Something so simple adds so much dimension and I think once it's hung up on the wall in the Fall I'll see a lot more of the dimension.  This one will have to get tucked away for a few months, but at least it's ALMOST off my PhD list (see sidebar).

So there we have it - two very-close-to-being-finished projects.  I have two quilts coming back from the machine quilter tomorrow and I need to get the binding done on them right away so these will have to sit patiently and wait their turn to have their binding completed.  You will be seeing these one more time when they are all done.

Now I'm moving on this morning to working on the filler blocks for the Snowbound quilt.  I'll be back later to show you my progress on that project.

I love long weekends . . . 


Dolores said...

Gorgeous quilts. I especially like the flower/leaves one. Is it an original pattern?

Karen said...

Both quilts are very good but the pumpkin quilt is my favorite. I love fall colors and designs.

greelyrita said...

The flowers in the grass quilt is one of the loveliest things I've seen! Fabulous how you've used zigzag to create texture. Normally, I'm a negative fan of zigzag by definition. The overlapping of grasses and petals is so realistic. Just lovely!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh, I love love love those two anything to do with fall. We're heading into autumn soon (I hope - had enough of summer) and they would look lovely in my house.....hint......*grin*

Rhonda said...

these are beautiful; love the quilting! congrats on the finishes.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Both quilts are fabulous, but the pumpkins are my the quilting to give them shape.

Connie said...

Love the flowers in the breeze! Really makes me feel like Spring is coming, beautiful design.