Sunday, 22 March 2015

Quilt Studio

Yes . . . I am still working on my studio . . .

This is what it looked like from the outside last Fall and it still looks pretty much the same except that Hydro service has now been brought in and the grass isn't green just yet.  The porch interior wall will have painted vertical pine boards, the screens will eventually be installed, the posts will be built out and we are still researching what type of brick/stone type of application to use for the exterior.  And then some landscaping . . . rocks, flowers, shrubs . . . who knows!

This was the view out of one of the windows a few weeks ago - the snow is now gone and the window trim has been installed.  Hubby even got the window treatments installed on Friday!

I have always loved yellow, so that is the color that I went with to brighten my space.  White would have been too stark; cream sometimes just looks like dirty white and if you get any shadows it just doesn't look that great; and I was scared that any other color might make the space look smaller than it is.  I love my yellow walls . . . it is going to be such a happy place to create in!

There is still the one baseboard that needs to be put on once the door frame is all built out and trimmed.  There are tons of plug ins and the lighting is fantastic - I should never be lacking in either of these two departments.

The flooring is amazing - I love the tone and the feel of it, and with the in-floor heating it is especially wonderful.  I will really appreciate that come next winter - it is so cozy!

Hubby is going to make custom cabinets for the space once he retires but that will not be for a couple of years yet, so I will be bringing bits and pieces of furniture from my current space to use.  I have only brought out a small table, a clock and a few wrought iron decorative pieces so far - just to make it "look" like I'm moving in.

With work issues right now and Quilt Market and Ricky Tims in May, I don't think that I will get organized any time soon.  Maybe I can take some time off in June to get things rolling . . . so very sad . . . after waiting so long, I have to put things off, and off, and off . . .

I am really looking forward to Quilt Market and Ricky - so May cannot come soon enough!


What Comes Next? said...

Your space looks fabulous Marlene! I am so envious, hope the rest of it proceeds smoothly and you'll be out there creating before you know it!

Jennifer said...

What a lovely space.......ideal for creating!

Beverly Wood said...

What an awesome space. The lighting is perfect. I hope you are creating in this spot soon. I am a bit green with envy but can't wait to see the finished room. Thank you for sharing.