Sunday, 22 March 2015

Ricky Tims

Some of you will remember that I posted about this event last year and it is getting closer and closer . . .

 . . . and the deadline is fast approaching.  March 28th is the end of early bird registration - after that the registration fee is $224.00.

The Ricky Tims organization has got this all planned out and it will be an amazing opportunity for both Canadian and U.S. residents in this corner of the world to participate in this world class event.  Everything from dorm rooms, the meal menu and hotel listing in the area, can be found on the Ricky Tims website.  Well, I guess maybe some of it you find out after you register, but let's just say that everything is in a really nice neat package for registrants.

AND, if you have never been to the International Peace Gardens before - you are in for a treat!!!  This location is AMAZING!!!  The gardens, the buildings, the views, the conservatory - it is worth a trip all by itself, but then add in Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson - it's just going to be a wonderful experience - I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

If anyone has any questions about attending please let me know and I will try and find the answers for you.

So in honour of having Ricky coming to see me (I know - just a little selfish on my part!), I ordered up the Lady of Shalott kit a few months ago and I have been working diligently (off and on) to get this project put together.

Let me just say that the video tutorials and the pattern instructions were wonderful.  What was lacking was my time . . . this seemed to take me FOREVER to get put together to the point of having all of the pieces ready.


The other morning, before work, I got everything all laid out on the floor to see how it looked now that the appliqué was done.  Looked pretty good I thought, and Tia even showed up to inspect each element of the design to make sure that everything was where it should be.

Unfortunately, so it turns out, I must have had something amiss somewhere . . . some of the pieces were not quite to her liking and some rearranging needed to be done . . .

. . .  actually, quite a bit of rearranging.

This is a Tia Maria Biles original.

Whiskey also showed up for a quick review of Tia's work and then they started chasing each other up and down the hallway.  Nothing like messing with a quilt first thing in the morning to get the humour going.

I don't think Ricky Tims would be too impressed with the new layout . . .

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Jennifer said...

Tia Maria Biles should start up her own quilt designing business! However in this case, I'm not sure she improved on the original, it's spectacular.