Sunday, 1 March 2015

Upcoming Events . . .

Well once again it has been quite some time since I have updated my blog.  Oh my . . . how busy can one’s life get!!  Between some other commitments and that wonderful “career” that I have – things just kept piling up and the poor blog was one of many things that have had to suffer.

Then when I did get around to posting, my Windows Live Writer decided that it didn't like my password any more so I spent two weeks trying to figure that out - it's still not resolved!  So I copied everything I typed over there into the blogger posting . . . sure hope this proves more friendly than it used to be.  Although it couldn't be any worse than the Live Writer right about now!

Here are a few events that have either just recently passed (thanks to Live Writer!), or are still up and coming in the next month or two.

Even though this event wasn't in Manitoba, but in neighboring Saskatchewan, I just wanted to mention that these gatherings of artistic minds are wonderful to see.  This particular show ended last weekend and I know by all the reports that it was certainly something to see.

I was contacted many, many months ago about submitting some of my quilt designs so that they could be considered in this event and I was tickled pink to send all kinds of design files for consideration.

My “Down on the Farm” quilt was chosen as part of the exhibit in Saskatoon and it is joined by many other awesome pieces of quilted, embroidered, rug hooking and other fiber art pieces.  What a thrilling opportunity this was and what an undertaking for everyone involved.  Great job!

And then in April is the Crocus Conference in Winnipeg – this is  the second one that myself and Sheila will attend and teach at under our As The Crow Flies Quilting Workshops umbrella.

No. 5 above shows a snippet of our little project – it’s a mystery, so that is all you get to see!  So I’ll be off to Winnipeg in April for this one day workshop . . . it was super fun two years ago (they only do this every second year), and I know we won’t be disappoint this year either.  It is wonderful to meet all the ladies in the Winnipeg area and all of the Manitoba artists and teachers as well.

And then even more exciting (for me at least!), is that I have my registration in and my hotel booked for . . .

It's been a long nine(?) years since I've been able to get to Market and it only rolls around to Minneapolis about every four years.  So I am making the commitment to get there this year and learn a few things in preparation for retirement - in 3-4 years (so hubby says!).  I'd like it to be much, much, much sooner and the inspiration and creativity of quilt market may just throw me over the edge sooner than later.

This show is in mid-May . . . actual days before Ricky Tims comes to the International Peace Garden.  I'll have more about Ricky in the next post - I promise!

Thank you for visiting my unattended blog while I was away and it is certainly my plan to not be gone for as long this time.  I do have a couple more events that are coming up and I’ll be back to update you soon.

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