Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Blast From The Past

Look at this new little baby! Sleek lines, computerized . . . just a sleek little hummer . . . purrs right along . . .

and then check out this old relic. Kinda night and day, don't you think?
The little white beauty up there is the hot little number I was trying out for the past week. The old bomb is the first sewing machine I ever bought . . . I think I was 15 or 16 years old . . . she's been around for a good long while. I paid $100.00 for it and the refinished old Singer sewing cabinet.
Yesterday I returned the hot little number and sat down to my old relic and started clunking away . . . I swear it sounds like an old tractor . . . a little loosie klang, klang, every so often. But, you know what? Somehow it just felt more comfortable . . . like an old friend, maybe. Weird . . . I know, but what can I say . . . maybe because she was my first . . .
Now that I've kinda got this machine quilting thing figured out and that really seems to tie up the Pfaff with it's special bobbin thread, invisible top thread and the table extension thingy, I had been wanting to try out the little, lightweight machine to see if it would work for me . . . plus also for maybe taking to classes - something a little lighter and easier to lug around. But, alas, it just didn't feel right to me . . . and just how much I would use it . . . who knows?
We'll see how much machine quilting I actually do for myself and how much I'll be sending stuff out to have done . . . in the meantime . . .

I bought a new machine quilting book . . . just in case I decide to do more and more of my own quilting. Still need to read this one, it just came yesterday. Flipping through it looks very interesting. Anyone have a review for me?

The Bible also came . . . I have had a look through this book . . . very nice. Can't wait to try some of these stitches! Maybe work some into some new designs also - nothing too difficult though.

Ok, so I haven't done any sewing for myself in years. And when I did, way back when, everything always felt so homemade . . . just a feeling I'm sure! Then I saw this cool creation on Joanna's site and I actually reached over and jotted down the pattern number on a scrap of paper . . . for some reason I thought it would be nice under suit jackets and stuff.
Now I have the pattern . . . but I don't sew for myself anymore . . . and would I wear it if I did make it . . . where would I find the time to even put it together . . . help! . . . what have I got myself into this time?
'til next time,


Myra said...

Wow! That singer looks like it has done its fair share over the years. The trusted one! 8-)
A few friends have small Janomes that they tote around out of home, but have bigger machines they work on at home...
Can't comment on your books as I don't have them... 8-)
As for sewing for yourself...LOL...I have patterns bought with good intentions of making, and they still sit there... Thank goodness I didn't buy fabrics for them!!! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I love your 'first one' machine. Special place in your heart, of course. The Quilting Dot to Dot book was highly reccommended to me by a Pfaff educator that specializes in short-arm quilting. I just a copy recently too! I don't think you'll regret your purchases. QGB

Edna said...

I realize I'm commenting on a post that is a couple months old but, I have just discovered your blog and I am going back through it.

I've also bought patterns (and sometimes the fabric too) to sew for myself. I just went through and cleaned out some that was 10+ years old. I donated 2 large garbage bags of fabric along with a whole whack of patterns. Best made plans...

As to the sewing machine, I know how it is to love a first machine. I still have mine but did manage to get a new one but only because, at the time I was working in a store that sold them.

I have since added a "take along" machine that I totally love. Its a 1943 Singer Featherweight. Its lightweight and sews wonderfully. You can still get feet and belts etc. for them too. There are many quilters who have fallen in love with these machines. I was at a quilt retreat day and out of 20 quilters there, 8 had Featherweights and the rest want to get one!