Sunday, 17 August 2008

Busy, busy . . .

This last week I have finished off one of the quilts that needed machine quilted and made a really great start on the second one.

I have found that having the machine set up in the dining room is working very well for me . . . it is easily accessible to go over and sew for five or ten minutes and then jump up and do something else. This is working wonderfully for me on workday mornings . . . I can get in a little bit of quilting before work, at supper time and even sometimes afterwards. Working on the larger quilts is really stressful on the hands and shoulders, so doing this sporadic kind of quilting ensures that there are no huge aches and pains. Plus . . . it's really surprising how much you can accomplish in those little bits of time.

I guess the old saying "practice, practice, practice" really does pay off. This time around I'm feeling so much more comfortable and more satisfied with the results that I'm getting. Knock on wood that this holds true until I'm finished that big quilt.

Sporadic quilting is helped along by my little assistant. She knows how to slow the old production line down to a crawl. It's a little tough maneuvering the quilt around when it's weighted down.

Of course she did apologize, and then promptly curled up for a nap. As if she doesn't have enough quilts to sleep on in every room in the house! Maybe she's laying claim to this one too.

A very late flowering coneflower decided to show up in the garden . . . I've seen some really nice quilt patterns using this flower . . . gotta try one sometime . . .

'til next time,


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Myra said...

Good for you! I guess that is the trick of avoiding sore back, shoulders and arms hey... 10 to 30 minute spurts... Perhaps I shall have to try that with my next baby quilt...
Cousin's grand-baby should be born soon. I have a girl quilt top ready (cause I am convinced it is), but watch it will be a boy and I will have to do some more piecing again, and the rest... Hopefully will get done before a baby shower!
Can't wait to see your fully finished quilt! The quilting looks wonderful! 8-)
Happy stitchings!