Friday, 22 August 2008

More shopping . . .

The mailbox had some lovelies for me this week.

I guess because I'm such a frequent customer (go figure!), the The Fat Quarter Shop sent me a little 20% off coupon for my next purchase. So of course I couldn't pass up a special and I chose the new 3 Sisters line called Portobello Market. This little parcel is called a "Charming Jelly Cake" collection - one charm pack, one jelly roll and one layer cake. It looks much more mouthwatering in real life - it was hard to get a really good photo of the depth of this sinful concoction.

It also turns out that this is the fat quarter collection that will be shipped out for the October Moda Fat Quarter Club that I have belonged to for the past six months or so. My little stack of Portobello Market will be just a wee bit higher come October.

Here is a closeup of a couple of my favorite prints . . . can't wait to come up with a scheme as to how these are all going to go together - won't be able to use the excuse that I don't have enough fabric!

When I get done with all the projects planned for this collection I'll probably be ready to move on to another color scheme - don't you think?

Maybe something like this one!
This is Portugal by April Cornell and is the August Fat Quarter Club collection. Beautiful yellows, blue, terra cotta and green . . . absolutely inspiring!

I figure I better stock up on all these fabrics now because if the dollar ever takes a nasty turn, at least I'll have my stash to fall back on. I need more time at home I'm thinkin'. Need to negotiate more holidays for 2009.

And to finish off my shopping show and tell - Fabricland had a great sale on last week - 50% off! Now I'm all stocked up on this wonderful product so I won't run out in the middle of spray basting another quilt . . . because I still have a lot of quilting to do . . .
'til next time,


Myra said...

Oh what positively wonderful fabrics! Super! I am in envy of you! 8-)
I look forward to you using them!
Happy stitchings!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Don't you just love when you get mail like that? Moda fabric is just gorgeous; I'm addicted too.....QGB

Fer said...

Mmmmm, more yummy fabrics!

PS. I've tagged you too!