Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Manitoba Road Trip . . .

Not much quilting going on here this past weekend. We made a trip into Winnipeg to visit family . . . road trip consisting of two hours there and two hours home.

Since there are no quilt pictures for this post, I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the scenery of Summer (almost Fall) in Southwestern Manitoba. I know there are people visiting my blog from other countries and I also know that I love seeing the scenery posted on other blogs . . . always interesting to see what the rest of the world has to offer. Remember you can click on any of the photos to make the image larger and easier to see.

Here is a picture from Holland . . . Holland, Manitoba that is. The community built this little wayside park a few years ago and of course chose the little windmill as the landmark. I believe they have some trees and flowerbeds planted in the area and in a few years it will be well developed. Sorry about the dash closeup!

Harvest is getting closer and closer, and we did actually see a few combines, but of course when I brought out the camera they all disappeared! This photo is of an irrigation system located close to Glenboro, Manitoba where there are lots and lots of potatoes grown. The irrigation is certainly a necessity in this area.

This photo might be a little out of focus but I think you can tell that the sunflowers cover a giant amount of land. As far as the eye could see, this field just seemed to go on and on. Love the sunflowers fields . . . so bright and happy.
And here is a very typical Manitoba wheat field . . . we do seem to be having more and more canola grown around this area though . . . something to do with the price being really good. You'll be able to see the flat, flat land and the big, big sky - that's what we have quite a bit of here in Manitoba (and mosquitoes!).

This one of my favorite landmarks coming out of Winnipeg . . . these buildings just peeking over the little ridge - gotta love that sky . . . blue, blue and more blue.

And, of course, everything grown on those fields usually makes a trip to the local elevator . . . this is probably one of the smaller elevators around nowadays . . . most are huge terminals that truckers haul large semi-loads of grain great distances to. The small town elevators are not quite as popular as they used to be and many of the rail lines are being pulled out of the communities. This does cause many small towns to become little ghost towns and some just disappear completely.
All in the name of progress . . .

(I'm beginning to feel like a tour guide, so it must be time to wrap this post up!)

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Myra said...

Hahaha... Thanks for the tour of familiar sights! 8-)
This was a great idea! Good post! 8-)

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I totally agree with Myra :^) QGB