Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Yes, this is post number 199.

Am I excited about this? No . . . I am very frustrated! I didn’t get creative with my 100th post last year and now I’m lacking anything creative for this upcoming looming milestone.


I’m in a super busy, funky/bad mood lately and it’s hard to get motivated about much of anything. See this little piece of quilting? It’s been stuck on my dining room table for over a week now without being touched . . . of course the cat has sat on it a couple of times . . . but I haven’t even turned on the machine. Very sad state of affairs in this house!

I’m even pulling photos from last year to post. I was out walking the other day and saw these foxtails waving in the wind and I remembered that I had great photos tucked away in a file somewhere. I like the simplicity of this photo – total opposite to the millions of plants blowing in the wind.

And then there was this one from last year also – the black background just sets it off perfectly. I wonder if the green in those two photos is close to the same color as my green bathtub that I’m trying to design a new room around? Could make some nice wall art – blow the photos up and have them mounted – might work!

Well I’m off to the “big city” again this weekend (was there last weekend also), to pick up my son. Life will be changing around this house for a while . . . all my quilting stuff laying around and all his art stuff mingled in . . . we’ll never be able to find anything. So do you think my mood will be improving anytime soon?

I’ll try and think of something for the 200th post during my trek to the city and back. Check back next week.

‘til next time,


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Quilter Going Bananas said...

Hi Marlene, Wow you're at post 199! It's up to you what you want to do to celebrate; you're even allowed to postpone the celebration too! Hope your funky mood goes away soon...