Friday, 3 July 2009

New Tools . . .

Yes, the mid-week holiday found us at my daughter’s house in the big City. Every summer there is a new project that needs to be attended to, and this year it was the backyard fence (so far!).

DSC03663 So these were my new tools for the two days I was there . . . Randy is still there until Sunday doing even more projects . . . I came home to work (and hopefully get in some quilting before he gets home!).

DSC03666 Really the tools are quite similar to quilting – wood instead of fabric; tape measure instead of Omnigrid ruler; pencils never go out of style. Marking is always the most important job – at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

DSC03672 As the official marker, go-getter and haul any-thing-er person, it turned out to be quite the busy two days. This photo shows what she used to have to look at across her back lane through the old chain link fence . . . which was gobbled up by a next door neighbor in about 15 minutes flat after it was torn down.


And here is what was accomplished before dark last night . . . gate is even on! Still a few narrower boards need cut and put up, but basically done. It looks like a big empty room doesn’t it? Landscaping just may be in my future plans for this yard.


This hosta just had to come home from the nursery with her . . . of course I told her it couldn’t go back by the new fence because it is too sunny back there . . . it still came home though. So I got that planted for her before I headed home . . .

I think I deserve some quilting time this weekend . . . made a bit of a start on my appliqué pieces this morning before work, so hope to get right back to that when I get home.

Hope everyone in Canada had a great Canada Day and that our neighbors to the South have a wonderful day on Saturday! Enjoy your weekend wherever you are.

til next time,



Quilter Going Bananas said...

That's a busy couple of days, putting
up a fence! Go ahead and quilt the weekend away, you have my permission!

Myra said...

Fabric/Wood... it all needs accurate measuring and cutting when used in project... The fence looks great! 8-)

I hope you found some time to get some sewing in on your weekend!