Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Weekend Flowers, Sewing and Other Stuff . . .

DSC03702 This is a wonderful time of the year!DSC03704  Just to think that these flowers are right outside my back door and ready for the picking is just so satisfying! DSC03699Anytime I want fresh flowers all I have to do is open the door, run like He-- to avoid getting eaten by a kazillion mosquitoes, cut flowers as quickly as possible and race for home.DSC03703 Until I reach the safety of the kitchen sink I really have no idea what condition the blooms that have just picked are in. This batch is gorgeous! And just look how nicely they match my new quilt . . . see it there . . . in the background? It has some flowers also.

So now that I have my flowers all picked, it was then time to surf the internet and browse around. On this particular day I veered away from the quilting sites and headed towards some of the remodeling/home decorating sites. This is where I found a few new favorites to add to my list, and I thought I would share some of the ideas with you. Rare and Beautiful Treasures and Urban Farmhouse and also Shabby Chic.


Wouldn't it be nice to have furniture and rooms that were straight out of a magazine? This is a "after" photo from one of the sites I visited and please forgive me, but I don't remember where I was or what the site address was. When I start flipping around, I forget to mark these things down.


Looks like a bit of work . . . but what's life without a little bit of effort? What a difference a bit of elbow grease and some white paint make!DSC03675

I have two of these tables that were purchased at a yard sale quite a few years ago - I hate the finish on them. How would they look done up in a fresh coat of distressed white?DSC03684

This night stand is in one of our spare bedrooms . . . it belonged to my grandmother, but my mom had painted/stained it this awful color about 30 years ago. Imagine living with something like that for all these years! I'm thinking more white paint . . .


Here's another sample from one of the sites I was on . . .


. . . and here is the after picture.

I don't like the color or fabric that they recovered the seat with, but the paint color on the wall is almost the same as in our newly renovated guest bedroom. That doesn't have any furniture yet!


This is a picture of one of my stools that needs refinished. Can you see it painted white with a beautiful floral pattern in the same shades as my new quilt?


And here is the stool that matches that hideous bedside table shown above. Still the original fabric on the seat - time for a change do you think?

I think I need someone to host a refinishing party weekend . . . that would be the only hope that I will have in getting any of these projects started and completed. Any good party hostesses out there?  Or even some good hints on products to use to remove the old finish would be much appreciated!

'til next time,



Patchmaker said...

A refinishing weekend - what a good idea; got the fabric to recover my kitchen chairs 3 years ago! It's somewhere in my sewing room. . . . .

What Comes Next? said...

great idea! I have several items I've been holding on to for years just waiting to be refinished! Love that first table you showed, and I think your tables would look great done up. Maybe a virtual refinishing weekend???