Monday, 13 July 2009

Pink, White and Yellow – YUM!


Another wonderful weekend!  Weather was good and I had no interruptions to work on my newest project.

Who could ask for more?



Pink, white and yellow, plus some green of course . . . my new favorite colors.

Yellow has always been a favorite of mine but it never seems to show up in too many of my quilts.


  The quilting is done on my latest project and the binding is even sewn on – (this picture was taken prior to that).  Had some trouble with the thread frazzling and breaking all the time, so after much frustration and darning lots of thread ends in, I decided to try a new needle (a brand name) and threw out the (no-name) brand one.  Never had frazzled thread again.  Live and learn!


Another quick trip to the garden provided me with some new blooms for my kitchen table.  Look at the yellow!  I think that shade is somewhere in the quilt also.


This yellow is much more subdued than the daisy up above . . . I think I prefer this softer shade – don’t you?


The next step is to get the instructions written in a format for my pattern tester and get that shipped off to her.



‘til next time,


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What Comes Next? said...

Gorgeous pictures! You must have an incredible garden. I like the softer yellow, myself, but all colours in the garden, I say! Your quilt is looking wonderful - good luck with getting it all finished off. I ran into a similar needle & thread issue just the other day, although mine was a dull needle - amazing what a nice new needle can do for you!