Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Projects Half Done (PhD) . . .

So here I am . . . ready to ‘fess up to all my undone projects. Really most of these are “half-done” as implied by my recently acquired PhD!


My Bunny Hill 2009 BOM just needs quilted . . . should go quick.


My mysterious tulip quilt does still need some more appliqué done before it’s ready to quilt . . . shouldn’t be too difficult.


My Drunkard’s Path quilt (I love this one!) needs the borders attached and then quilted . . . easy-peasy.


My purple quilt needs some more appliqué done before I’m going to be happy with it . . . the hard part is done – right?


My blue triangle quilt (I also LOVE this one!) is almost ready to be put together and then borders and quilting . . . easy finish.


Oh . . . my Basic Grey Happy Quilt – I was working on this one this morning before work – sure brightens my day! It has some more appliqué to complete on it and then it’s ready to be quilted also.

You say that June 30th is the deadline for these . . . sure – I can do it.

If I don’t start anything else of course!


Like another one of these . . . which somehow has missed my list of 6 – so really I guess I’m at 7 PhD’s that need done for Myra's Challenge.

Just calculating how much backing fabric I need for all of these has me cringing . . . where’s that VISA?

‘til next time,



Joanne said...

Your quilts are amazing. The Bunny Hill BOM is beautiful!

Myra said...

I must have just had a previous peek here M, cause I thought I had commented already...?...?
Great PhDs you've listed! I guess I put you down for 7 then? 8-)
Happy stitchings! You go girl! !