Monday, 18 January 2010

Road trip report . . .

Very, very bright and early on Saturday morning, fellow quilter Sheila and I headed for Moosomin, Saskatchewan for a day of browsing, shopping, visiting and eating.     DSC04835 Shirley’s Sewing Room has been in Moosomin for quite a number of years and my husband always like to skirt around and avoid stopping here.  So this was a wonderful, focused trip with no other reason except to shop!DSC04832

Look at all the samples that are up on display . . . amazing!  You can just stand in the middle of the shop and slowly turn and absorb everything that you see – great displays.DSC04834

Lots and lots of patterns and books to look through and lots of  fabric to make just about any project you have your mind set on (right Sheila!).DSC04841

Oh look!  There’s a little elevator pattern that looks kinda familiar.  I think I walked past it a couple of times without even noticing.DSC04840  Here is a different kind of quilt – possibilities for a group project here I think.  This book was so interesting that it even came home in the bag with me.DSC04845

Here are a couple of other things that also came home with me – a 2010 calendar with patterns for every quilt in there; a Nancy Halverson book called “I Believe” which has some really nice Christmas items; some batiks for a table runner (next photo); and some yardage that has little tiny stars and dots that might work for a snowman quilt.


This is a table runner that we are hoping to do as a group project, although some gals have already made one (or two!) of these.  Very striking design and I can’t wait to see how those colors that I’ve chosen will look in those circles.  I still need to find a light centre color before I can get started, but all in all I’m closer to starting than I was before.DSC04842

This Hunter’s Star pattern (the blue and the brown one) uses a special ruler to make it, but it looks so wonderful and different depending on how you use your colors and lay out the design.DSC04843

This project would also work great for a workshop day . . . everyone’s quilt would look so different. DSC04837

And I just thought this guy was adorable . . .DSC04838

and this one . . . DSC04839

and this one too!

We had such a good day and the weather was beautiful – great day for a road trip.

Oh, and my VISA is now stuck in my wallet and cannot come out for a couple of weeks.

‘til next time,



paulette said...

What a great road trip!! Thanks for taking me along!! Enjoyed every moment of it!!

call me crazy said...

How fun! Thanks for all the photo's~ that shop is wonderful! You got some great treasures. I had to chuckle about your DH 'skirting' the area~ mine would do the same thing! LOL :-)