Tuesday, 6 April 2010

April Happenings . . .

First off – I love tulips!


They are so cheerful and colorful and brighten up any room . . . these are in my daughter’s kitchen - she figured that she needed flowers since she was hosting the Easter supper on the weekend.  Nice addition to the kitchen area I thought.


Our bathroom re-do is coming closer and closer to being finished . . . we bought the mirror and drawer/door handles on the weekend and just need to find a few minutes to get that all fixed up – love my sink and taps!


The tiling in the bathroom turned out great!  Hubby was a first-timer at this particular chore and I think he did an excellent job.  Still need to seal the grout but it’s almost there.


Now don’t spit up in your coffee - - - - - YES that is my green tub AND IT’S GOING TO LOOK FABULOUS!  I hope.  I’m now on the hunt for green accessories – candles, baskets, a couple of pictures maybe, towels, shower curtain, etc, etc, . . . anything that will have just a touch of that green that will compliment the entire room.  This tub is in such great shape . . . it’s really big and has the seat in the one corner – we would have had to take out walls to get this thing out of there and I’m still convinced that at the end of the day – IT’S GOING TO WORK!  And if it doesn’t – we’ll paint it.


Here is Mysty and “the other cat” out sitting on the bench watching the BBQ – at least that was what she was supposed to have been doing.  It looks like the two of them maybe had some words and now she is just a bit miffed at whatever was said.  Can you feel that cold shoulder?  What’s the saying:  “For a man to truly understand rejection, he must first be ignored by a cat”.


Candace also splurged and gave the cats an Emery Scratch Pad for Easter.  As you can see the box has some pretty great appeal and so does the cat nip in the one corner of the scratch pad.  Unfortunately I haven’t seen either go back to sharpen their claws on it – wonder if it works????


And like I said before – “I love tulips!”

Have a great week,


Joanne said...

Your bathroom is looking great. It is so wonderful (and environmentally friendly!!) that you decided to keep the tub - very green!!!

paulette said...

Did you know that green is my favourite colour? AND I'm loving the green tub...and with the tile and new sink -GORGEOUS!!! Can't wait for reveal!

SewCalGal said...



Quilter Going Bananas said...

Kudos to hubby for completing his first tiling project! Once all those accesories with green in them are in place you won't notice the colour of the tub so much.

My house, circa mid 1950's, has pink and green tiles in the bathrooms!

Annette said...

My mother used to have tons of tulips in her flower garden. Very pretty. Your bathroom is looking beautiful.