Sunday, 11 April 2010

Quilt Reflections Show

Some of the Undercover Strippers hit the road bright and early on Saturday morning to head for the big City.  We had arranged quite some time ago to do a road trip for the Manitoba Quilt Reflections Show – what a fantastic idea that was!


The quilts, as you will see, were spectacular - as were the vendors.  There were vendors from Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and BC . . . if I missed someone from Alberta I’m very sorry, but I didn’t see you.

The quilt above is something that my scraps are just calling out for me to do with them . . . wouldn’t this look amazing on a bed in your house?


And so would this one!  These two quilts were huge and used every color imaginable.


And who can resist these circles of color just exploding over this entire quilt surface?  If this was hanging on my wall I don’t know if I’d notice anything going on around me . . . very intriguing.


This quilt is made using a wedge ruler and is something that I will hopefully get around to before the end of this year – I have the book and the ruler now, so there really is no excuse other than the time thing!


Not too sure if this is a Judy Neimeyer design or not, but is something very close – always spectacular.


This quilt really caught my eye as the color panels almost seem to be receding behind the white – creates an illusion of sorts, don’t you think?


This one was my choice for Viewer’s Choice – the quilt maker’s husband had passed away in 2008 and she collected all of his ties and some from other family members and completed this mourning quilt.  The colors and the border were wonderful – a real quilt with real meaning for the family – I like that!


And just in case you are saving all your half-square tiny triangles and looking for something to make with them – here’s what you need to do.  Very striking.

Of course there were many more that I can’t possibly include but they were all spectacular – great job ladies!

We had a wonderful time and a very windy trip to and from Winnipeg, but it was so worthwhile and fun.  Next post I’ll show you some of the vendors and a few of my purchases.


Karen said...

I like the quilts with all the spikey points.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I got to the quilt show just after 3 pm on Saturday and when I ran into Myra she said I just missed you! Ugh! One of these times we'll meet up, eh? Time for me to upload my pics as well.

Joanne said...

I had a great time at the quilt show. Thanks for sharing your pictures. ♥

Myra said...

Great post M! 8-)
Yup! You and QGB just missed each other that day... Next time!