Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Signs of Spring . . .

I took a lot of photos last weekend but then ran into such a busy week at work that I have not had a chance to get them posted, so here we go . . .DSC05277_thumb7

It is super dry around this part of Manitoba and the last time we saw even a tiny bit of rain (I think it was just a few spits) was about the 15th.  I caught this rainbow on the way home from work one day and thought our flat landscape and the pretty rainbow would be something to share.


So besides getting caught up on some of my projects last weekend, I also spent a good chunk of the weekend out in the perennial gardens trying to get things into some semblance of order.


I always make sure to cover the perennials with lots of leaves to protect them from the harsh Winter . . . unfortunately this all needs cleaned up in the Spring and it’s tough slogging to even get it to this stage.


The aching old muscles for the first part of the week were a painful reminder that maybe I had overdone my first garden project of the year . . . thank goodness time heals some of those aches.


Also discovered the rhubarb is well on it’s way to making an appearance – can’t wait for that fresh rhubarb/apple crisp . . . one of my favorites!


Doreen,  here are your little mini irises (thank you so much!) . . . need to go check on their progress this weekend – bet they’re just about ready to bloom.  They were sure cute last Spring and were one of the first bloomers after the tulips.

I hope your Spring season is shaping up to be a good one and you’re enjoying all the new found greenery that’s been hidden away for what seems like forever.  I’m heading off to the big City for five days and I’m sure I’ll be seeing quite a change in the perennials (and the weeds!) when I get back.

Oh, and by the way . . . are there any EQ users out there?  Have you heard that EQ7 is ready to be released on June 7th?!?!?!  I’ll be signing up for my upgrade very shortly – I use EQ for lots of layouts and coloring options for my quilt designs and would be lost if I tried to figure some of these things out in my head!  Head over and read about the new features at the  Electric Quilt website and see what’s new.

Have a great weekend everyone . . .

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Myra said...

Spring has indeed sprung! Have a good 5 days in the city! 8-)