Friday, 5 October 2007

Autumn's Final Curtain Call?

Everything is soooooo dried out here! Finally getting some rain this morning and it is the most we've seen for months. The plants have pretty much said goodbye to Summer and are getting ready to hibernate for the Winter months. The weather guy even mentioned something about S..N..O..W - I hope it stays away from here for a while yet.

Look at the beautiful coppery colors in this photo. This dried up leaf was once a beautiful, lush, green frond on my fern. As a designer I do love looking at all the color variations and the subtle tones of a color. Wonderful!

Look very closely here . . . see the cobweb with the little fluffies stuck in it? This photo looks really neat when it is full size on my big desktop screen. Nature is so cool!

This branch is on my neighbor's tree and I found it very interesting that most of the berries were berry size while a few of them were almost like small apples. Not really sure what kind of tree it is but I loved the lines and the colors - red, oranges, greens and even a small hint of blue up in the sky.

Here is more proof that Summer is gone. This is a seed hanging from one of my Maple trees - look at the colors, tones and lines in this picture - it characterizes Autumn all in one photo.

And here are a couple of more photos from last Saturday's Quilt Show in Brandon. There were quilts everywhere! It took me most of the day on Sunday to put all the quilts away at home - at least it was a good time to pull out the Halloween ones and set them out for the Fall season.

I did manage to get six more snowman blocks ironed down, now they just need appliqued. I love that part as much as choosing the fabrics and playing with all the small pieces. We did our first block exchange on September 24th - lots of Star blocks so far . . . but I hear there are some snowmen on the way! As the stack of blocks grows from month to month it is going to be fun to lay them out and try to decide how to piece them all together to make a quilt top. I can't wait! In the meantime, I need to finish these six guys and start planning the January, February and March blocks (we're taking December off). Should I continue with the snowmen or do a couple of stars . . . decisions, decisions . . .
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Lovely photos!! Thanks for sharing!