Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Fall Baking . . .

I know - it's a surprise to me too.
I baked something on Sunday!

Last December (or sometime around then) Kraft sent us a calendar. Every month of the year is a fabulous recipe and each one stares at you for one whole month.

Well, Randy and I were becoming quite tired of our "regular" menus and decided why not try each of the recipes featured in the calendar. That way we get to try something new (in most cases) and all Kraft products are easily found in our local stores - nothing really weird and wacky. Kraft also sends out a recipe magazine and when a new one comes we sit down and make out menus and grocery lists for a couple of weeks meals - it works great for us - we don't get sick and tired of the same old foods, prepared the same old way. You should check out their website.

So this recipe is for the month of October and I followed it fairly closely, except for the almonds and it tastes great! The only thing different I would do is peel the apples - I'm not a big fan of apple skins. Of course my pastry is not exactly like theirs - they have had a lot more practice than me - but I bet it tastes the same.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all!

And . . . speaking of beauty . . . what do you think of this guy?
I call him my "Ghoul Guy" and he is hanging in the corner of my front steps. I think he is handsome in his own way . . . he certainly has presence - don't you think?
I hope the little kids won't be too scared of him - lots of other people have them also, I'm sure. He was exactly what we were looking for - the right height and width - he fits perfectly.
I hope your Halloween preparations are coming along the way you planned . . . I still have a few more things to do . . .
'Til next time . . .

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Vivian Love said...

This lookes super good! I'm going to have to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing.